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Demountable Concept’s “Warehouse on Wheels” Delivery System Market-Tested by Federated Logistics and Operations

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Federated Logistics and Operations (FLO), a company that performs logistics, operations and distribution functions for Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, recently acquired May Department Stores. This acquisition rendered many of the distribution centers for these retail giants redundant. FLO is now market-testing Demountable Concept’s Warehouse on Wheels System in a bid to consolidate the Miami, Tampa and Orlando markets. The Warehouse on Wheels System enables multiple pre-loaded straight-truck bodies to be shuttled from the Miami distribution center on semi-trailers to Tampa and Orlando. Upon arriving at these markets, the bodies are demounted and each is picked up by a non-CDL straight-truck which runs that day’s local delivery route. The trailer driver mounts the empty bodies from the previous day and returns to Miami where the bodies are then loaded for tomorrow’s delivery runs. What makes this process revolutionary is that the semi-trailer and straight-truck power units are equipped with a push-button-controlled elevating chassis for quick mounting and demounting of the bodies. The bodies have retractable legs which enable them to be “swapped” from one truck to another by the driver in approximately 5 minutes. This system is only available from Demountable Concepts, Inc. Demountable’s Warehouse on Wheels creates profit for companies by replacing traditional warehouse facilities, reducing personnel costs and increasing the amount of deliveries possible per shift. Since one body can be loaded while another is on the truck, companies can deliver their product earlier by pre-loading the day before. Straight-trucks also require less expensive non-CDL drivers. By using Warehouse on Wheels, FLO has closed their Tampa distribution center altogether. In Orlando, a costly PUP trailer operation has been replaced by less expensive non-CDL straight-trucks. A roll-out of Demountable Concept’s Warehouse on Wheels System will be considered by FLO pending success of the southern Florida test. Demountable Concepts, Inc. is the premier North American manufacturer and supplier of “swap-body” straight-truck and Warehouse on Wheels delivery systems. They have a network of installation and service centers throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

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