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Denver Mattress Company Launches E-Commerce Site

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Denver Mattress Company, one of the largest mattress retailers and manufacturers in the USA, announces the re-launch of their website, http://www.denvermattress.com, which now includes an e-commerce store. DenverMattress.com is a full-function e-commerce website, allowing site visitors nationwide, with the exception of AK, HI, and CA, to purchase an array of mattress and bedding accessories. With multiple search capabilities, detailed product descriptions, educational tools, personalized assessments and value package pricing, customers will enjoy an enhanced online shopping experience with the new site. Larry Killingbeck, National Sales Manager for Denver Mattress Company, elaborates on the company’s online agenda. "Denver Mattress has taken a giant step forward in establishing a national brand identity with the successful launch of our new e-commerce website. The goal is to provide online customers with a friendly mattress shopping experience and access to the same high-quality mattresses and necessary sleep products that are available in our retail stores. In addition to making purchases, customers can use the website to research a variety of sleep needs and products and learn more about Denver Mattress and Furniture Row.” One of the more popular mattresses offered on the new site is Denver Mattress Company’s Doctors Choice mattress. A leading physician specializing in complex spine and spinal cord surgery, Dr. Brian Wieder, M.D., provides a non-paid endorsement for the line. The site takes an in-depth look at the science and engineering behind this best-selling mattress. There is also a link where customers may order a free video for additional information. In addition, DenverMattress.com provides a better rest assessment for customers. In this section, shoppers will receive personalized mattress recommendations based on their individual sleep needs. The site is also designed with an emphasis on mattress education. With the use of animation, viewers are encouraged to inspect the interior components of a mattress. Additional informative key points include important factors to consider when shopping for a new mattress, and frequently asked questions. For visitors interested in a one-stop shopping at a discounted price, the site contains a sleep system package options. The packages include a mattress, foundation, mattress pad, pillows and a care kit for a bundled, discounted price. Customer service is always a top priority at Denver Mattress Company, and that philosophy is echoed online. Toll-free customer services numbers, email contacts, store numbers and frequently asked questions are listed for quick reference. Denver Mattress Company is considered unique among its competitors in the bedding industry. The company uses the same materials as other leading brand-name manufacturers to produce the mattresses. But as the manufacturer, retailer, and distributor, they are able to take full control of product costs and pass the savings to consumers. In many instances, prices can be up to 50% less than those of competitors. As a result, Denver Mattress Company now owns and operates one of the largest mattress manufacturing plants in the country. Denver Mattress is a retail brand of Furniture Row Companies. Furniture Row also consists of the Sofa Mart, Oak Express, Bedroom Expressions retail brands. Since the opening of the first venture in 1974, Furniture Row Companies have evolved into one of the fastest growing furniture retail operations in the country. With over 330 stores in 31 states, Furniture Row is currently the largest cash buyer of furniture in the United States. For more information, visit http://www.furniturerow.com.