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High Point Market Authority Partners With Gefen Productions To Produce “High Point Market Live"

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The High Point Market Authority has partnered with Gefen Productions to produce “High Point Market Live,” a new source of information created for Market attendees and the industry at large. “High Point Market Live” will provide daily video coverage of the latest Market news, product and trend information. The show will debut on numerous screens positioned throughout the High Point Market next week. Additionally, show segments will be offered online, both during the bi-annual Markets and on a weekly basis throughout the year. The segments will be distributed via email to the trade and posted weekly to the High Point Market Authority website, www.highpointmarket.org. “ ‘High Point Market Live’ is designed to entertain, educate and enhance the experience of our Market guests, and to promote the thousands of new product introductions that are offered at the High Point Market every season,” says Brian D. Casey, president and chief executive of the High Point Market Authority. “This new offering is intended to communicate the core values of what our Market represents: fashion, trends, and new product. Whether you are a retailer seeking to sharpen your merchandising and product presentation in order to reach more consumers; a designer deciphering trends for a client, or a manufacturer introducing product to a global audience, the High Point Market is truly the source and the world’s home for home furnishings. Indeed, Casey continues, “The key differentiator here, in comparison to other Markets around the world, is substance. We believe that High Point Market can and should be a force to move the home furnishings industry forward, and we are continuously expanding upon what we typically do twice a year. Our intent is to contribute to this industry year-round and to support its growth in any way that we can through our Markets, through education and through strategic partnerships such as this one.” “We are thrilled to be working with the High Point Market Authority,” says Ellen Gefen, president of Gefen Productions, who is well known as an industry expert and trend forecaster, and for her commentary on the television show, “Home Fashion Report.” She notes that “Home Fashion Report,” which has been produced each day during the biannual Markets for the past 23 years, will now be repositioned for a consumer audience, and “High Point Market Live” will serve as an information vehicle to the trade. “Our goal is to bring new collections, trends and products to the industry in a new way, via ‘High Point Market Live,’ ” Gefen says. “While the show at Market will give attendees a great overview, the new idea of video emails sent out daily during Market and then weekly following the Markets, will help the industry move forward by utilizing an exciting new communication vehicle. We commend the High Point Market Authority’s vision in working to provide information to the industry in a new media format, and invite everyone to subscribe to the video emails by visiting www.highpointmarketlive.com.” About the High Point Market Authority: The High Point Market Authority is the official sponsor of the International Home Furnishings Market, in High Point, North Carolina. Featuring more than 2600 exhibitors and attracting tens of thousands of visitors from more than 110 countries, the High Point Market is the driving force of the home furnishings industry.

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