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IHFRA Awards Gala To Be Held In High Point On March 24th

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The International Home Furnishings Representatives Association will hold its annual Presidential Gala and Awards Ceremony at the IHFC Club on Saturday, March 24, 2007. Highlighting the evening will be the installation of the 2007 – 2008 officers. Richard Gillispie, the 69th IHFRA President, is a certified home furnishings representative (CHR) and a member of the Virginia/Carolinas Home Furnishings Representatives Association. Rick resides in Greensboro, North Carolina and has been a home furnishings representative for Hooker Furniture Corporation for 22 years. Gillispie is joined on the Executive Committee by 1st Vice President, Jim Craven CHR of Tennessee Furniture Travelers, 2nd Vice President, Ed Myers of Tri-State Home Furnishings Association, Secretary/Treasurer Sandy Dant CHR of Home Furnishings Representatives Guild of Southern California and Chairman of the Board Ray Isser CHR of Tri-State Home Furnishings Association. In addition to the installation of officers, the Rudy Steltemeier Award for 2007 will be presented to Hope Antonoff of Tri-State Home Furnishings Association. The award is presented to an IHFRA member in good standing who has demonstrated the qualities of outstanding service to fellow representatives exemplified by Rudy Steltemeier. Beginning her career in the office of Mid-Atlantic Furniture Distributors, Hope went on the road with the company around the same time Home Furnishings Association of Delaware Valley became Tri-State HFA. She has been a staunch supporter of the association, attending virtually all Tri-State functions and encouraging her dealers to join the Tri-State chapter and participate in chapter events. Hope was voted Representative of the Year by Tri-State HFA in 2006 by a combination of her peers, dealers and other members. Chapter of the Year Award will be presented to the Tri-State Home Furnishings Association. Tri-State HFA and its predecessor HFADV have been active and energetic supporters of IHFRA having a high percentage of CHR’s in its membership. Tri-State’s support of IHFRA can also be seen in its membership’s attendance at IHFRA’s Board of Directors’ meetings. Additionally Tri-State currently has two of its members “going through the IHFRA chairs”. All IHFRA members who attend the Las Vegas Market are indebted to Tri-State’s Ed Myers for negotiating the group rate at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. This group rate saves IHFRA reps hundreds of dollars each Las Vegas Market. Chapter Administrator Cathy Reed has been an invaluable asset to IHFRA having worked at the IHFRA Office in High Point for many years and most recently traveling to Las Vegas to assist at the IHFRA Office at WMC. The Dean of IHFRA Award recognizes quality of service and dedication to IHFRA and individual Chapter that has set an outstanding example for others to follow. Recipients of this award for 2007 are: Milton Alexander of Alabama Furniture Travelers, Dick Brown of Tri-State HFA, Russell Bienenstock of Greater New York HFA, Jim Craven CHR of Tennessee Furniture Travelers, Sandy Dant CHR of HFRG of Southern California, Ralph Deutsch of Virginia/Carolinas HFRA, Jay Hogg CHR of Greater Mid-West HFA, Carey Laufer CHR of Florida HFRA, Gary Musengo of South-West Ohio HFRA, Howard Salpeter CHR of Maryland/DC HFRA, Russell Smith of West Virginia HFSA and Stan Tremewan CHR of HFRA of Northern California. Graduates from the August 2006 CHR course held in Las Vegas will be receiving a CHR certificate and an IHFRA CHR pin. Stan Tremewan CHR of HFRA of Northern California will preside over the CHR graduation ceremony. Those members receiving CHR certification are: Jennifer Talton (IHFRA’s membership coordinator), Terry Luke, Lenny Kharitonov, Jon Kelley, Louis Bocanegra and Blake Button.