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STORIS Launches the Anticipated ‘Maximum Power’ Release 8.3

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STORIS Management Systems, a leading supplier of Technology Solutions and Services for Big Ticket retailers of all sizes, announced the availability of the anticipated Release 8.3. 8.3 is the latest version of STORIS’ highly successful Windows-based product Vision R8. Doug Culmone, COO of STORIS stated, “8.3 is another indication of our strong commitment to delivering functionality requested by our customers, while delivering technology that gives our users a competitive edge.” Responding to an array of retailers’ feedback, 8.3 offers a medley of enhancements to excel business operations and gain maximum power. STORIS’ current and future clients will benefit from robust features, including: a more intuitive and consistent overall structure, enhanced ‘smart’ menus, Customer Order Entry now featuring a fully integrated Shopping Cart, enhanced Regional and District distribution capabilities, an innovative Vendor Performance Report, new WiFi Hand Held Bar Code capabilities, and much more. Simple is good. The new look and overall structure of 8.3 maximizes the screen area displaying the information retailers require to run an efficient business. Additionally, 8.3 offers improved navigation through a redesigned ‘smart’ menu giving retailers what they need, and less of what they don’t. Various Customer Order entry screens such as the Customer and System Control settings, Sales Order, Customer Return, and Exchange Order Entry have been redesigned to be more intuitive for the user to navigate through. A Shopping Cart feature has been added to the Sales Order application. This enhanced, stand-alone feature replaces the previous method of entering and maintaining sales quotes. The Shopping Cart allows for easy and flexible entry of carts (quotes) into STORIS utilizing any of the three following options: STORIS workstation within a retailer’s store, on-line through the eSTORIS Virtual Store, or through STORIS’ portable, hand-held device Mobile Vision. Fully integrated, the Shopping Cart allows for carts to be viewed systematically across all three options. The Regional and District Processing feature has been enhanced to designate locations employees, customers, and products can be assigned to. The user can create a list of assigned locations for an employee, or create districts and regions and assign store locations and distribution centers to those respective districts and regions. The enhanced Vendor Performance Report tracks if vendors are not delivering product to the retailer by the acknowledged shipping date. Additionally, this report displays GMROI, sales history, purchasing, inventory, and turns for products. The Vendor Performance Report offers an analysis of what vendors are doing to help the retail business meet its growing needs. The existing Customer Lookup capability has also been expanded to perform a Google or White Pages name search for Canadian phone numbers as well as U.S. phone numbers. Laser printing capabilities have been enhanced. Clients are now able to customize forms such as Delivery Tickets, Customer Pickup Tickets, Credit Memos, and Transfers. Additional forms that will be available in April 2007 for customizing are Purchase Orders and Credit Card slip receipts. Hand Held Bar Code has been enhanced to accommodate the new generation of WiFi scanners, a completely wireless data transmission. This option utilizes the Windows CE platform and is fully compatible with the old scanning device. Additionally, the interface has been redesigned with a more modern and intuitive screen presentation for more efficient processing. Otsuka’s Furniture and Appliances, located in Kapaa, Hawaii, was the beta site for 8.3. Evelyn Medina, Project Manager at STORIS states “The amount of new functionality included in this release will greatly assist Otsuka’s operations in different areas, including Inventory Control with the new WiFi Hand Held Bar Code capability. Medina concludes, “Otsuka’s upgrade was very simple; the process was seamless.” Release 8.3 is now available within STORIS’ SaaS and Sever Business solutions, and will be demonstrated at the High Point Furniture Market, March 26th-April 1st, in High Point, NC. STORIS Management Systems, an IBM and Microsoft partner, provides technology solutions and services to Big Ticket retailers. Small and large retailers worldwide rely on STORIS to deliver the technology and support services to outperform their competition.