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Website Offers New, Updated International Woodworking Technology

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A new, updated website that is a must-see for all professional woodworking companies has been announced by WMIA (Woodworking Machinery Industry Association). The website additions include an electronic version of the woodworking SourceBook that permits viewers to search by brand name, product and service, as well as for local distributors. The latest industry news that is generated by the WMIA Update Newsletter is also put up on a continuing timely basis. For students who plan to study and work in the woodworking industry, the WMIA site includes forms to apply for some of the $10,000 to $12,000 annual scholarship monies WMIA makes available. The site can be accessed by going to: www.wmia.org. WMIA is a Maryland-based association of companies whose primary business is providing the North American market with the latest woodworking technology, equipment, computer software and distribution service channels available globally. The association maintains a website at www.wmia.org. For more information, contact WMIA HQ, 3313 Paper Mill Road, Suite 202, Phoenix, MD 21131, Phone: 410/628-1970, Fax: 410/628-1972, E-mail: info@wmia.org.