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Capel Honors Retired Executive Directors In High Point

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A large crowd gathered Thursday, October 20 in the Capel High Point showroom for a party honoring retired Executive Directors A. Leon Capel, Jr., Jesse S. Capel and Arron W. E. Capel. The elegant event featured gourmet hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and guest speakers who touched on many memorable and humorous milestones in the brothers’ careers. “We are all part of an American success story,” said Bud Young, Capel Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Master of Ceremonies for the evening, as he greeted guests including Capel family members, staff members, friends and industry partners. Young introduced key speakers including Morgan Bailey, retired Capel Controller and Vice President who began his career with Capel in 1968 when Capel was led by A. Leon Capel, Sr., Bruce Hric, Chief Financial Officer for the company since 1999, and Greg Wronski, a veteran sales representative who has generated more than 90 million dollars in sales for Capel since 1973. “It is appropriate for the brothers’ careers to come full-circle in High Point,” said Greg Wronski, Eastern Regional Manager. “On behalf of the entire Capel sales team, we promise to extend the same warm welcome that the brothers have extended to everyone who walks through these doors.” Bob Timberlake: Award-winning artist and Capel licensee Bob Timberlake also shared memories and congratulations during the party. Timberlake is a friend of the Capel family and his father was Capel’s first buyer in 1917, the year the company started. “I am glad to work with this family,” said Timberlake. “I respect and love them an awful lot.” The highlight of the evening was the words spoken by the brothers. Surrounded by their families, each gave thanks to their many supporters and spoke of the lessons learned throughout their careers. A. Leon Capel, Jr., the eldest brother, spoke first in an emotional remembrance of the past. “It wasn't always a straight road,” he remarked. “But, it was always fascinating and exciting. It has produced friends and associates that made every day a special day.” Jesse S. Capel took the opportunity to thank the support of Montgomery County, where Capel is headquartered, and the Chamber of Commerce. He also thanked the bankers, customers and overseas vendors, which all play important roles in the company’s operations, and welcomed incoming Capel President and CEO Eric Birnbach. Arron W. E. Capel recounted a funny story from his youth about selling rugs on the road for his father, A. Leon Capel, Sr., and being held under citizen’s arrest for suspicion of peddling stolen rugs by a J.C. Penney store manager. He also spoke about his ability to sustain enthusiasm throughout his years with Capel, asking, “When you walk into this showroom, how can you help but have a sustained enthusiasm with these rugs?” The joyous evening concluded with a poetry reading, a tradition at all Capel family gatherings, by the brothers’ children, G3 members Ron Capel, Cameron Capel, Mary Clara Capel and Richard Capel. The poem, Three, offered an entertaining and touching look into each of the brother’s unique characteristics. As a parting gift, the children then presented their fathers with gold cufflinks bearing the Capel crest. The Executive Directors' retirement was effective on October 1, 2005. All three will continue to serve on the Capel Incorporated Board of Directors.