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Lea Industries Plans iPOD Give-Away In High Point As Part Of Their iROOM Youth Collection Promotion

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Lea Industries plans to make a musical splash with the introduction of its new iROOM youth collection at the upcoming market. The collection features key design elements that take their cues from the very popular iPOD line of MP3 players introduced by Apple in the past few years. Those elements have been combined with contemporary styling, sleek but soft lines, and unique pieces to create a collection that is certain to win favor with both mother’s and their children. The original and all new look of the iROOM collection is created by mixing elements including a clear maple finish with plated metal accents, tempered glass, floating metal bases and just a touch of pop culture. The end result is a collection of youth bedroom that speaks squarely to today’s young generation! “When developing this collection, we followed the map that Apple created when launching the iPOD. And by paying close attention to detail, and truly understanding the end consumer as the hip, technologically inclined young people that they are, we were able to execute a collection that shows an understanding of both their lifestyle and how they actually live.” , said Earl Wang, VP-Brand Manager of Lea Industries. The collection features four metal finishes on beds and mirrors including Electric Blue, Metallic Pink, Jet Black, and Steel. In addition, the case pieces ship with all of the colors of the metal in the hardware, allowing the consumer to mix and match as they might see fit. But probably the star of the show is the entertainment center which features a modular design that allows it to be sized to fit any space, including a corner. “For this consumer, entertainment is an enormous part of their daily life so we wanted the entertainment center to be as unique and timely in it’s design as the consumer themselves.”, added Wang. To promote the new collection during market, Lea will also be giving away free iPOD Shuffles to every retailer who places a qualifying order at market. “From a marketing standpoint, we wanted to pull together in a concise way the concept of the consumer lifestyle and the creative direction of the collection. By giving away the iPODs, we can make all of that entirely clear to the retailer and have a lot of fun at the same time.” said Johne Albanese, VP-Marketing for Lea Industries. In addition to retailers, the company is also inviting all press to visit their showroom and view the new iROOM collection. When you do you will be entered into a drawing for an iPOD as well!