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PROFITSystems Introduces The Customer Care Center -Sales Improvement Tool For Furniture Retailers

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PROFITsystems, a leading supplier of business operations software to independent furniture retailers, will introduce its new Customer Care Center at the High Point Market. This addition to its PROFITprofessional software provides users with complete front-end, customer relationship management, and sales management applications in a fully integrated format. Joe Capillo, Director of Sales for PROFITconsulting calls this new addition to the software "an absolutely necessary element of retail store management." "With competition changing the marketplace more rapidly than ever before, retailers have to have accurate information about every conceivable aspect of their business, starting with consumer traffic counts, and going through automated customer follow up processes." The Customer Care Center offers an optional, wireless automated traffic counter that is also fully integrated with PROFITprofessional, making this the easiest to use, most fully integrated software of its type. Traffic counters can be purchased at minimal cost and can be used in multiple store entrances. The Customer Contact Management processes automate customer follow up, and, best of all - the Customer Care Center is completely free to PROFITprofessional clients with their upgrade to Version 11.1. New system purchasers will automatically receive the Customer Care Center as an integral part of PROFITprofessional software. When compared to other available systems, this is a truly remarkable achievement by PROFITsystems. The PROFITsystems website can be accessed at www.profitsystems.net PROFITsystems, Inc. is a leading provider of Windows - based retail furniture software. More U.S. and Canadian furniture retailers run their businesses on PROFITsystem than any other furniture software in the world. We continue to provide our clients with the very latest software features and functions, and the highest quality support, at some of the lowest prices in the industry.