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"Fast Forward" WHFA's Future Industry Leaders Group Meets In Vegas

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According to newly appointed Fast Forward Chair Lael Thompson (Broyhill Home Collections, Aurora, CO), the July 26 meeting at the Las Vegas World Market Center provided just the kind of energy and excitement the innovate group had hoped for. “We had new faces and a great meeting,” Thompson said. As a special feature, WMC General Manager Dave Palmer addressed the group during lunch. Palmer’s topic, “How to Shop the Las Vegas Market”, was well-received and provided good insight into aspects of the nation’s newest furniture market. Fast Forward is a community of passionate, young, up-and-coming home furnishings executives working together to gain the tools, knowledge and networking abilities in a fun environment to become tomorrow’s industry leaders. The 10:30 – 1:30 WMC meeting featured a litany of agenda items and saw several new faces, pointing to the growing interest in Fast Forward issues and networking. “We’re catching on,” Thompson said of the group, “and word is getting out that Fast Forward can provide the answers to many important questions facing young industry leaders, like transitioning in the family business, bridging generation gaps and understanding the industry from top to bottom.” The meeting also saw Arte Hules (Thomasville of Las Vegas) appointed as Vice Chair. With its new online Fast Forward Forum up and running, the group is looking forward to staying in-touch and keeping on top of issues with ease. Hules said the group is still growing and that those interested are encouraged to check out the Fast Forward Forum. “We’ve made it simple for people to get involved with Fast Forward by calling WHFA or accessing the WHFA website and logging onto the discussion board,” Hules said. “We want to continue to grow and develop the kind of networking and information sharing we had envisioned from the start.” For more information, those interested in joining or learning more about Fast Forward can contact Kaprice Crawford at (800) 422-3778, or kcrawford@whfa.org.

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