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Do North Americans Feel That Feng Shui Can Improve Quality of Life?

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Yes they do!, according to results from a Lightspeed Research poll of nearly 134,000 people from the U.S. and Canada, released today by Feng Shui Institute International (FSII). "This is the first study of this magnitude and clearly demonstrates the high perceived value and awareness of feng shui in North America," said Barbara Taylor, FSII Executive Director. "The data validates trends that feng shui practitioners have been observing in their day to day work: there is an increasing integration of feng shui into people's lives." Highlights from the poll reveal: Of those respondents aware of feng shui, 37% of women and 29% of men answered "yes" when asked if they "believe feng shui can improve your quality of life." And an overwhelming majority of respondents had some knowledge of feng shui. 77% indicated that they are aware of the discipline. This appears to be a significant increase as compared to five to ten years ago, when feng shui by many qualitative reports was less well known. The usual geographic trendsetter, the Western region of the US, and Canada are even more receptive to feng shui, indicating that the overall number will continue to rise. Among those aware of feng shui, 43% of Canadian respondents believe it contributes to quality of life. U.S. responders who shared this belief ranked as follows: West 38%, Northeast 36%, South 33% and Midwest 32%. Belief in feng shui is stronger among younger respondents. 39% of 18-25 year olds aware of feng shui believe it can improve quality of life, as compared to 22% of those aged 70 and above. As the population ages, it can be speculated that overall belief will continue to increase. Janet Hall, FSII President says, "Feng shui is a powerful and holistic method to help achieve well being and harmony for individuals, families, and society. It can be particularly helpful to those who are anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed during turbulent times. We are thrilled with the results of the study and hope people will continue to utilize the services of our talented group of feng shui practitioners." To learn more about this study, contact Barbara Taylor at 973-586-3744. Additional findings can also be found at FSII?s website: http://www.fengshui-ii.org/media/release.poll.htm The poll was conducted during August 2004, with members of the Lightspeed Consumer Panel (http://www.lightspeedresearch.com). The panelists were asked the question, "Do you believe feng shui can improve quality of life?" Possible answers were 1) yes 2) no 3) don't know, and 4) don't know what feng shui is. The poll had 133,848 responses in the U.S. and Canada. About Feng Shui Institute International (FSII) FSII is a non-profit international membership organization dedicated to fostering Pyramid School Feng Shui and the vital connection between person and place. Pyramid School practitioners help clients reach their goals by evaluating the impact of the physical environment on the human experience. Recommendations are substantiated with current social and scientific research in diverse fields such as: biology, psychology, anthropology, physics, ergonomics, and color theory. If you are interested in hiring a Feng Shui consultant, or in learning more about FSII and Pyramid Feng Shui, please visit the website (http://www.fengshui-ii.org) or contact Barbara Taylor, FSII Executive Director, at 973-586-3744.

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