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Liquicell Technologies And Backsaver Sign Trademark Licensing Agreement

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LiquiCell Technologies, Inc., a Minneapolis-based original equipment manufacturer, and Backsaver Acquisition Corp., a leading manufacturer of specialty ergonomic products, pillows, cushions, zero-gravity recliners and office seating, recently signed a licensing agreement that allows Backsaver to develop products using LiquiCell®, an advanced comfort technology. As a result of the partnership, Backsaver is introducing a new line of products called WonderCell, which incorporates LiquiCell to protect users against shear and friction. Available by May 2004, the line includes a travel pad, seat cushion and back cushion. LiquiCell is a thin liquid-filled padding technology specifically designed to relieve the discomfort people experience over time when their body is in contact with another object. Using an innovative combination of a low viscosity fluid and strategically placed seal points that control the flow of liquid, LiquiCell improves comfort and productivity. By equalizing vertical pressure at the point of contact (thus reducing pressure), soft tissue compression is greatly reduced thereby significantly reducing skin friction and soft tissue shear stress, two of the most influential factors related to discomfort. “LiquiCell allows us to provide superior comfort technology to our customers and to address their common comfort needs caused by friction and shear stress,” said Nick Balderi, president and CEO, Backsaver Acquisition Corp. “Whether traveling, working or just relaxing, our products are for anyone who wants to sit comfortably.” The WonderCell line of products is competitively priced and available through specialty back stores, furniture retailers and catalog houses. The WonderCell line and other future Backsaver products using LiquiCell technology will communicate the LiquiCell trademark, as part of the agreement. “LiquiCell has successfully provided comfort in various other applications, such as wheelchair cushions, athletic equipment and footwear,” said Mike Arbeiter, president and founder of LiquiCell Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to partner with Backsaver to make a bigger impact in the ergonomic, travel and office seating industries.” Media Contact: Jennifer Stack, Relish Minds, 612.871.6678, jen@relishminds.com