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Joseph Hemingway Brings Craftsmanship Back To Britain

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Joseph Hemingway has achieved the “impossible” by creating and patenting design 23r, the French chair design from Thomas Chippendale’s “The Gentleman & Cabinetmakers Director” a feat never achieved by any other Master Carver, not even Chippendale himself. The Huddersfield based Master Furniture Maker has been in the trade for over 47 years, where he has built up his wealth of skills & craftsmanship in cabinetry, woodcarving and Furniture restoration. In the eighties Joseph began taking special orders, reproducing Chippendale furniture and in 2000 all his hard work paid off as he realised his dream by creating “The First Ever” 23r rococo chair, this was followed by a second chair in 2003. With the two chairs estimated to be worth a king’s ransom, Joseph is now trying to generate awareness of his achievement worldwide through his award winning website, after investing both time and money into his lifelong passion. Helping Joseph to break into his target market is Business Link of West Yorkshire who has provided funding for five University of Huddersfield students to produce a marketing plan as part of there degree, to help him develop his business. Through word of mouth and continued help from Business Link of West Yorkshire he believes international recognition of his achievement is on the horizon. Joseph said: “It has taken me years to create these beautiful chairs, and now they are finally finished I am looking to generate interest with collector’s both private and public, and investors.” He added: “Because Chippendale is well renowned for his carpentry people are unwilling to think there can be anyone as skilled as he was. I really needed to improve people’s awareness of me and what I do and this has started to materialise at home & abroad, Jan 04 feature (The impossible dream)“cabinetmaker magazine” UK, May 04 “carver of the month” USA.” As knowledge of Joseph’s skill spreads a new generation of apprentice woodworker are desperate to join him in his workshop and learn from his years of experience. To view “The illusive 23r (impossible) chair”, and read more about Joseph Hemingway and Thomas Chippendale Furniture ltd, please visit his website: www.thomaschippendalefurniture.com

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