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Cotnoir Transport Automates and Optimizes its Distribution Through GEOCOM tms’ A.MAZE Solution

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GEOCOMtms, architect of A.MAZE, the leading fleet scheduling optimization and territory design solution, announced today that Cotnoir Transport has selected the A.MAZE software solution to automate its distribution processes, and raise the customer satisfaction level.  Cotnoir operates the home delivery activities of leading retailers such as Sears, The Bay, Future Shop and Brick, to major towns across the province of Quebec. Reducing delivery time and operation costs, and personalizing services according to the clients’ needs, are paramount to Cotnoir Transport.  Home delivery of furniture and appliances is a complex business. The delivery points differ every day of every week.  Moreover, the time window between listing the delivery points, producing the optimized schedule, getting the merchandise in the right order on the dock, and then dispatching the truck, is quite narrow.  Technology was needed to meet these challenges and the company’s objectives.  So, Cotnoir evaluated the major routing solutions available on the market, and chose GEOCOM tms. “GEOCOMtms’ solution systematically gave us over 10% savings on trip duration, and almost 10% on traveled distance, but more importantly, a real fleet scheduling automation process, without any manual intervention from the dispatchers”, said Mr. Gilbert Cotnoir, Administrator of Cotnoir Transport.  “All our existing distribution constraints were already integrated in A.MAZE, a clear sign that the product is mature.  Selecting A.MAZE is a strategic move for us.  Cotnoir Transport will become the leader of the specialized distribution business.” “We are very excited about the enthusiasm and trust that Cotnoir Transport has put into our A.MAZE solution,” said Michael Nark, GEOCOMtms' EVP Sales & Marketing. "Cotnoir Transport selected our A.MAZE fleet scheduling optimization solution because of the demonstrated strategic value it provides to their time-critical pickup and delivery operations.” About Cotnoir Transport: Cotnoir Transport operates, among others, home delivery activities of major retailers such as Sears, The Bay, Future Shop and The Brick, across the province of Quebec.  Whether the goods are to be delivered across the street or across the province, or even the country, Cotnoir constantly offers professional and efficient service. About GEOCOMtms: GEOCOMtms delivers the best fleet scheduling optimization and territory design solutions for time and cost-sensitive distribution and pickup & delivery businesses. Its A.MAZE product suite generates quantifiable savings that can be proven. GEOCOMtms offers much more than just software as it provide a complete solution including the highest quality implementation and logistics engineering services to our clients, in accordance with their business processes.  The company has the most active research and development program in the industry.  www.geocomtms.com -Madeleine Szots mszots@geocomtms.com

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