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Quick Tips for Gathering Information About Those Who Visit Your Store

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Convinced you can't get non-buyers to give you their names and phone numbers? Try these effective' time-tested incentives from AAA Development, the makers of UpFront (TM), a software package that helps furniture retailers to manage their sales and to follow up on both buyers and non-buyers. For more information on UpFront (TM) or to get a fee Demo disk, e-mail: rick@upfrontsoft.com Have monthly drawings for $25, $50, and $100 gift certificates to local establishments like: Popular restaurants theaters malls bookstores grocery stores your own store. Give away tickets to local sporting events or other special happenings (circus, concerts, etc.). Collect important information on your non-buyers and buyers. Encourage guests to fill out entry cards and place a box at the front of the store. The cards should request information like: Name; address; phone number; where they heard about the store; what they were looking for. Use different colored cards for each sales rep.

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