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Insignia Systems the manufacturer of hardware and software for producing professional looking in-store signage posed the following poblem and its solution: Problem: Retailers who have the potential to sell the high margin, big ticket merchandise they stock aren't doing so. This is a common problem because both customers and sales associates receive unclear value messages, which are necessary for differentiating certain products from others. Without that information, customers are unsure about what to buy or even why they should make a purchase at all. And few retailers can feasibly maintain a staff of sales people who are knowledgeable about every item and can effectively communicate that information to customers. This situation is characteristic of stores carrying products which are large, technical, or very valuable. Customers often feel intimidated when confronted with decisions about buying these items, and some may be reluctant to seek a sales person for help. They may prefer to shop by themselves. Others do ask for assistance, so an adequate number of product-savvy associates is needed at all times. These customers may also have an interest in price negotiation, and sales people must be prepared to respond appropriately. Altogether, the criteria for excellent, attentive customer service are difficult to meet. Also, it is unreasonable for retailers to assume that customers will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a considered, big ticket purchase if product value is not established for them. Solution: You can help customers regardless of whether or not they choose to consult a sales person by using High Performance Feature/Benefit Signs, These signs, which include basic product information and value messages, can complete a sale and help sales people to be more effective. Sales associates need to use High Performance Feature/Benefit Signs as references for providing customers with crucial information which can make or break a sale. A knowledgeable customer is easier to help and to sell. If customers do try to negotiate on pricing it is a signal that they have either "bought" a product and are looking for the best price or that they are comparing your merchandise and prices with your competitors'. Therefore, it is imperative to sustain price integrity. Professional, printed signs clearly communicate that your prices are legitimate and firm. In addition, High Performance Feature/Benefit Signs provide people with reasons to buy from you, and not from your competitors They help your sales people establish and reinforce VALUE for your customers. And when customers perceive value, they are more likely to buy.