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AFMA Marketing Division Unveils Generic Consumer Advertising Guide At Semiannual Meeting Hilton Head, SC

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At the semi-annual meeting of AFMA's Marketing Division, The Kuester Group, a Minneapolis advertising agency, introduced generic advertising ideas that furniture manufacturers can implement. The findings of the agency were based on the interpretation of existing consumer research. The project was sponsored by the Marketing Division and AFMA's Board of Directors. In 1993, AFMA and the Home Furnishings Council commissioned The Wirthlin Group, an internationally known and respected research firm, to research the American consumer and their opinions of the home furnishings shopping experience. The Wirthlin Group gathered qualitative and quantitative information from consumers on their level of trust in furniture retailers and advertisements, their perceptions of quality and value, their perceptions and experiences in the whole furniture shopping experience. The results obtained were less than encouraging for the furniture industry. In short, consumers are distrustful of furniture advertising. Consumers are also frustrated at the lack of knowledgeable salespeople as well as a general lack of information on home furnishings. Quality and value need to be explained to consumers clearly before they make a decision on a major purchase. In order to utilize the information obtained by The Wirthlin Group, AFMA commissioned The Kuester Group, a Minneapolis, MN advertising agency, to analyze Wirthlin's findings from an advertising perspective and create a guide to the consumer research and develop insights to more effectively reach consumers through communication strategies. AFMA furniture manufacturing member companies may receive up to five copies of the guide free of charge. Additional copies may be purchased for $10 per copy. Non member companies may purchase copies for $25 each. Companies wishing to request or purchase copies of the guide may contact Brenda Grubb at the AFMA High Point Office, (910) 884-5000.

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