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Survey Says Mattress Shopping Keeps Consumers Tossing And Turning -Simmons Provides Eye Opening Tips on Getting Some Shut Eye

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When it comes to shopping for a mattress, it's okay to sleep around. In fact, according to a nationwide poll commissioned by the Simmons Company, many consumers liken the mattress buying experience to buying a car, which normally occurs after several "test drives." Americans spend one-third of their lives in bed, yet selecting the right mattress is more often a nightmare than a dream. One in three survey respondents indicated they've had confusing bed-buying experiences, and Simmons' advice, much like selecting the right car, is to do your homework beforehand. "We were astounded to learn that nearly 50 percent of those polled didn't know what to look for in a mattress before entering the store. By simply investing some time before investing their money, consumers can be well on their way to a sound sleep," said Ron Passaglia, senior executive vice president of Simmons Company. Getting Back to Bedding Basics: More than two-thirds of respondents consider their mattress to be a very important investment, yet ironically, they don't credit the mattress with ensuring a good night's sleep. Perhaps that explains why 36 percent of mattress shoppers claim to have had some difficulty deciding which mattress is right for them. Often people search for a "firm" mattress, assuming it will provide the most support. In reality, that's a mattress myth. It's important to test many mattresses and select the one that evenly supports your body and feels comfortable. "Support is the number one factor to consider, then consumers can derive a level of comfort. People don't need to sleep on concrete for proper support," said Don Hofmann, Simmons' vice president of advertising. "The right mattress will support your body at all pressure points, and that will vary from person to person." Knowing when to buy a new bed may be as important as what to look for in a mattress. Consumers should replace their mattress every eight to 10 years, however many people may be sleeping on the bed their parents slept on. These "tired" beds may contribute to the fact that 75 percent of those polled said they have some difficulty sleeping at night. What may be worn out however, is the foundation, not the mattress. While our bodies never touch the covered "box" beneath our mattress, this element is vital to the overall performance of the mattress. So when setting out to make a purchase, consumers should plan to replace both the mattress and the foundation. Other survey results revealed: People employ a multitude of methods to ensure a good night's sleep, among them: Seeping pills (8 percent) Exercise (6 percent) Peace and quiet (7 percent) Women were more likely than men to blame stress for sleep interference (42 percent v. 3 5 percent) FREE SIMMONS BOOK FOR CONSUMERS Bedtime Reading: To help consumers make smarter mattress purchases, Simmons has developed a free, comprehensive shopping guide that includes mattress lingo, mattress constructions, frequently asked questions and top dos and don'ts of bed buying. The guide, "How to Buy a Mattress: The ABCs of Getting Your ZZZs, " is available through a toll-free number, 1-888-SIMMONS. Also included is a special sleep tips section penned by Dr. James Maas, leading sleep expert and bestselling author of Power Sleep: The Revolutionary Program That Prepares Your Mind for Peak Performance. When it comes to purchasing the perfect mattress, Simmons encourages consumers to do a little "bedtime reading," make an educated decision, and "sleep on it." Maker of Beautyrest®, BackCare® and Sleep Logic@, Atlanta-based Simmons Company employs more than 2,500 people in 18 plants throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. For more information on Simmons and to read articles from their Mattress Business Academy go to the Simmons web area on furninfo.com or e-mail Simmons at advertising@simmonsco.com INFORMATION ON SIMMONS COMPANY WHO: Simmons Company is the second largest bedding manufacturer in the country. Founded in 1870 by Zalmon G. Simmons, Simmons Company has demonstrated a commitment to the bedding industry through its innovative technology and aggressive sales and marketing campaigns ® for more than a century. Simmons' flagships include Beautyrest and BackCare® mattresses. WHAT: Simmons Company manufactures mattresses for more than 2,500 dealers representing more than 5,200 retail locations. Simmons invested more than $4 million to create the Simmons Institute for Technology and Education (SITE). The 38,000 - square-foot, built-to-suit facility serves as the nucleus for the company's sales force training, product research and development, manufacturing and national quality assurance. WHERE: Atlanta-based Simmons Company operates 18 manufacturing plants throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. SPECIALTY PRODUCTS: The first bedding major to devote an entire division to specialty products, Simmons' Specialty Sleep Division includes ready-to-assemble mattresses, Sleep Logic(TM), Simmons Adjustable Beds, Simmons Adjustable Firmness Air Sleep System and futons, as well as blankets, sheets and pillows. 1997 SALES: $550 million.

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