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In the story of Goldilocks, Baby Bear's chair wouldn't have broken so easily if it had been an IKEA DAGIS chair.

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Well, if Goldilocks happens to visit New York City's Central Park anytime soon, she's certain to find a cottage where the furnishings inside are far more sturdy, functional and fashionable. On May 27th, the City Parks Foundation and several Swedish companies, including IKEA Home Furnishings, reopened the doors to the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre located at 79th Street. The opening of the theatre is the result of a 1.5 million dollar restoration project designed to revive the original detail of the 19th-century structure's interior and exterior. The theatre's revival was crowned by furniture and design services provided by IKEA. The theatre's reopening was highlighted with a marionette performance of Gulliver's Travels, its first production since the late 1960's. The theatre provides a unique cultural experience for the city's youth by sharing classic tales with children of all ages in the distinctive marionette format. For more information on IKEA, e-mail margo@jerichopr.com