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High Point University is organizing Home Furnishings Industry Research Center

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High Point University is actively soliciting historical and other reference materials to be used to document the development and changes in the home furnishings industry. Books, magazines, sample pieces of furniture, and other materials of historical significance are being sought as addition to the university's home furnishings materials collection. The collection began a number of years ago when the late Leo Jiranek, nationally acclaimed furniture designer, donated his library of books and periodicals. Jiranek's donation consisted of the entire library collection from the school for furniture designers he ran for a number of years. Holdings of the Herman and Louise Smith Library at High Point U were increased when Dr. Walter Kleeman, industry journalist and product designer, recently donated the bulk of his personal library. Kleeman has been active particularly as a researcher in the area of ergonomics and office seating. He also has been a consultant to the industry and a free-lance writer for a number of furniture-related publications. Another recent addition to the university's collection is the purchase of the complete microfiche records of the holdings of The Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library. This extensive collection consists of 600 books that have been reproduced on microfiche. This microfiche collection will allow access to an extensive assortment of rare and significant books on furniture design, architecture, furniture manufacturing and cabinet making from the 1600s to the early 20th century. High Point University also is including in its research holdings a collection of furniture industry trade publications and other materials. This collection has been supplemented by donations from Jiranek, Kleeman and others. Included are a number of periodicals that no longer are being published. The home furnishings-related materials will be housed in either the university's proposed new International School of Home Furnishings building or Smith Library. A fund-raising campaign is being conducted to cover the cost of construction of the International School of Home Furnishings building. If anyone has materials to donate to the High Point University Home Furnishings Research Center, please contact either Dr. Richard Bennington, director of Home Furnishings Programs at 910-841-9110 or Judy Hitchcock, director of library services at High Point University, 910-841-9215.

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