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Decorating Tips From Heilig-Meyers Furniture

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The thought of having to make home decorating choices is daunting for many. Choosing furniture, colors, fabrics and accessories can be an intimidating, even painful process. While professional decorators often provide valuable services, following a few steps can make the selection process easier and more rewarding for anyone. Before going to buy new furniture, consider these areas: THE FOCAL POINT: Does the room have one? Does a fireplace, window, furniture piece or display draw the eye and is it clearly the center of interest? If a room has a fireplace, chances are it should be the focal point. In a dining room, it's usually the table; in a bedroom, it's a bed. Furniture groupings should have one dominant item or focal point with other furniture and accessories complementing it. TRAFFIC LANES: Taking a quick look at how people move in, out and through a room will allow you to determine the best floor plan. Drawing lines on paper from door to door will show how people will travel. Those lines will divide the room into areas you need to furnish. COLOR SCHEME: Look for color harmony and hues in paint, fabrics, furniture, rugs and lamp shades, rather than combining colors that look like a collection of strangers. When planning your choice of color also consider the shape of the room, light exposure and personal preference. STYLE: Do you have traditional, country, modem or eclectic tastes? If you are opting for a mix, it is better to use two-thirds of one style and one-third of another, rather than half and half. PERSONALITY: Make the room an expression of your interests and personality. Your living space is the heart of the home. It should be peaceful and comfortable. Accessories create warmth and lend to the particular feel you want for your home. PROPORTION & SCALE: Furniture shouldn't be too massive for the room, and big, heavy pieces shouldn't be matched with small delicate ones. Furniture size should relate to the size of the people in your family. It's a good ideas to sketch out the dimensions of the furniture in the room on paper before you buy. FUNCTION: When you're putting the room together, it should be livable. Household members must be able to use the room effectively, conveniently and comfortably. Sources: The art of Interior Decorating by Visual Media Network, Furniture Facts.

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