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Looking For A Good Investment? Purchase Upholstered Furniture

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When we recognize that upholstery is a product that fulfills several basic human needs, we can begin to appreciate its value. It is Comforting... Upholstery cushions us from the outside world; encourages families to stay at home; and nurtures family and friends. It is Artistic ... The contours, colors and textiles satisfy and gratify our artistic needs. It helps to "showcase" our family. It is Practical... it is durable. Consider the number of people who use the furniture, the number of times it is used each day and then multiply by weeks and/or years. Divide the usage number by the initial cost to get the per use figure ... one surprisingly less than most other purchases. It is Value-Priced ... Quality and style in upholstered furniture is available in every price range. Your research will help you to establish your level and to be realistic about the cost of quality. It is Safer... if it has been manufactured to be more resistant to cigarette ignition. Over ninety percent of the furniture sold is manufactured by UFAC construction criteria. It is identified by a gold hangtag that also warns against careless smoking habits. It is a Good Investment ... The cost of furniture has not gone up in comparison with other family purchases and expenditures. To ensure the greatest value and peace of mind, buy from a manufacturer and store that will provide background information and who will stand behind their products. It Brings Satisfaction ... The purchase of new furniture can bring greater satisfaction than most purchases. It provides a comfortable place of escape from the outside world but also frames our family for entertaining and social occasions. UFAC is not a manufacturing company. It is a voluntary industry program to reduce the cigarette ignition of upholstered furniture. For more information on UFAC, e-mail them at  UFACRE@aol.com