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UFAC Presents "Dali" Awards

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UFAC, The Upholstered Furniture Action Council, presented "Dali" Awards during their annual Press Breakfast to: Bob E. McKinnon, President/CEO of Century Furniture Industries, Hickory, N.C., was honored as "Corporate Partner"; Pedro Capo, El Dorado Furniture, Miami Gardens, Florida, was named "Retail Supporter"; Joy Philbin, host of nationally syndicated - "Joy Philbin's Haven" - a television program developed by the Home Furnishings Council, was named "Home Furnishings Educator"; and Joe Ziolkowski, Executive Director of UFAC and Director of Technical Services for American Furniture Manufacturers Association, was named "Technical Leader". Bob McKinnon and Century Furniture were recognized for their cooperation in providing testing materials and help with testing procedures, their knowledge and skills with textile fabrics, and their help with furthering the goals of UFAC. Pedro Capo was honored as a retailer who markets to consumers of varied economic stratas yet who chooses to sell only UFAC tagged upholstery. His family company, El Dorado Furniture, is the largest Hispanic-owned furniture retailer in the United States. Pedro Capo's concern for the safety of his customers serves as an example of the dedication of the many UFAC program participants in all areas of the industry. Joy Philbin is recognized for her influential role in identifying for millions of shoppers, quality, style and construction considerations to help buyers make appropriate furniture purchases. Among these, the gold UFAC hangtag and safety message have been included in television programs covering upholstered furniture. Joe Ziolkowski has been in the front lines of the UFAC technical program since the beginning of the program; first as an employee of Burlington Industries, then as staff of National Furniture Manufacturers Association, and later as Executive Director of UFAC. He has been instrumental in the spread of the UFAC program in Canada, Europe and Mexico. Joe Z's tireless leadership role within the many government regulatory commissions and associations has been instrumental in protecting industry positions and interests. The UFAC "Dali" Industry Service Award was established in 1985 to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the furniture industry through their support of the UFAC program. Forty-four Dali's have now been awarded. "Dali", the Dalmatian Fire Dog, and award plaques are presented to the honorees. UFAC is a voluntary all-industry program to reduce the cigarette ignition of upholstered furniture. For more information on UFAC, visit the UFAC web area on furninfo.com. or e-mail them at  UFACRE@aol.com

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