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American Furniture Hall Of Fame Members For 1997 Added To Furniture Discovery Center Exhibit

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There are now thirty-nine industry Trailblazers, Heroes, and Giants, installed as Members in the American Furniture Hall of Fame. Three members were added in 1997: Jack Gerken of Norwalk Furniture Corporation, Clyde Hooker of Hooker Furniture Corporation and Al Juilfs of Senco Products, Inc. Their portraits have been added and are ready for viewing on the Hall of Fame Member Wall in the Furniture Discovery Center ... one block from the IHFC furniture complex. These AFHF members are: J. Wade Kincaid, Joseph E. Richardson II, Thomas F. Wrenn, Robert P. Gruenberg, Harold P. Braun, Charles F. Tomlinson, Hyman Meyers, Patrick H. Norton, Rose G. Blumkin, Gustav Stickley, Mary McKenzie Henkel, Hollis S. Baker; Albert G. Juilfs, Henry A. Foscue, James Joseph Haverty, Peter E. Kroehler, Edward M. Knabusch, Nathan 1. Bienenstock, Leo Jiranek, James Edgar Broyhill, Charles R. Sligh, Morris Futorian, Thomas A. Finch, Jr., Edward H. Lane, Robert 0. Huffman, John R. "Jack" Gerken, Jr.; Parks C. Underdown, Robert G. Culp Sr., Amos G. Rhodes, Hampton 0. Powell, J. D. Bassett, Lawrence K. Schnadig, Robert A. Glick, J. Raymond Gerken, Edwin J. Shoemaker, John C. Bernhardt, David J. Brunn, J. Smith Young, Clyde Hooker, Jr. The American Furniture Hall of Fame is an all industry effort organized to honor those individuals whose outstanding achievements have contributed to the continued growth and development of the American furniture industry and to research, collect and preserve the cultural, economic and artistic history.