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Valid Data, Inc. To Provide EDI Link With Palliser Furniture

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Valid Data Inc. is in the process of completing EDI links between The Chesterfield Shop, Ltd., a leading Toronto Furniture Retailer, and Palliser Furniture of Winnipeg, Manitoba, one of Canada's leading Furniture Manufacturers. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a method of electronically trading documents between a retailer and manufacturer as a way of expediting the ordering process. Valid Data has been providing EDI software to its customers for over a decade. Valid Data was approached by The Chesterfield Shop to implement our EDI software so they could become a trading partner with Palliser Furniture. Palliser is set up to communicate via EDI, and is pleased that The Chesterfield Shop is eager to employ this technology. Each EDI session will transmit Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Acknowledgements, Invoices, and ASN's (Advanced Shipping Notices) between The Chesterfield Shop and Palliser. During a typical EDI session, the Purchase Order information transmitted by Chesterfield is electronically communicated to Palliser, automatically updated into Palliser's database, then put into their production schedule. Next, the Palliser computer system will electronically transmit Purchase Order Acknowledgement information to The Chesterfield Shop. The acknowledgement information received by Chesterfield's computer is automatically updated by the Valid Data software to the corresponding purchase orders and sales orders awaiting the merchandise. The Valid Data software then prints a report of late incoming purchase orders so the retailer can contact customers who are awaiting the product. Invoices and ASN's are electronically transmitted to The Chesterfield Shop, where they can be printed daily. One of the many benefits of utilizing this technology is that EDI helps to collapse the window of time between making a sale and delivering a sale. This increases a retailer's efficiency and cash flow, which will positively affect the bottom line. The most commonly reported cost saving benefit is the reduction of time spent on data entry and paperwork by administrative personnel. Valid Data has specialized in the Home Furnishing Industry since 1970 and is a pioneer in the development of both Bar Coding and EDI. Valid Data has provided EDI solutions with manufacturers such as Thomasville Furniture Industries since 1988. As seen recently with manufacturers including Bassett Industries, EDI Standards have simplified our effort in swiftly bringing a customer live with EDI transmissions. For more information, please contact Frank Kavanagh, President of Valid Data, at 1-800-AD-VALID or e-mail them at tincubat@nassau.cv.net or contact Palliser at hdueck@pdc.palliser.ca

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