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Valid Data, Inc. Offers Complete Bar Code Point of Sale Systems

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Valid Data Inc. has completed work on a POS Software System that allows sales to be processed at the Point of Sale. Sales Associates can easily "ring-up" each sale by keying a small amount of information into a POS terminal on the sales floor. Customers are then given a computer generated receipt, complete with special order fabric information. Retailers no longer have to wait until their back office staff completes entry of sales to get information from their computer system. In fact, this technology requires very little intervention from back office personnel, thereby offering a possible savings in administrative costs. The Point of Sale optional add-on module was designed to work effortlessly on the selling floor with the aid of Bar Code Scanners. The module prints bar coding and SKU numbers on price labels and SKU-Identification cards. Valid Data has also made available small accessory size price labels to identify the smallest items. When a sale occurs, the merchandise is "rung-up" at the POS Station; by either scanning the bar code label on the item itself, or scanning one of the items' SKU Identification Card (for larger items that cannot be brought to the POS station). The system displays the item being sold on the screen, and the sales associate can confirm the item being sold and the price it is being sold at. The system also captures the type of payment and the amount received, and informs the associate if any change is due back to the customer. A professional-looking invoice is then printed from a small slave printer attached to the POS terminal. "Point of Sale Processing is by far the most efficient and cost saving method of processing sales available in today's furniture stores" says Frank Kavanagh, President of Valid Data. "POS technology, when properly utilized, streamlines the selling-ordering process, thereby reducing the turnaround time for sales to be handwritten on the selling floor and then keyed in to the computer as a back office procedure." In addition to saving time, customers and back office staff no longer have to struggle to decipher an individual sales associates' handwriting, thus reducing errors and frustration in the back office. Kavanagh goes on to say "Point of Sale processing is just another addition to the suite of Bar Coding add-ons that Valid Data has designed to reduce administrative cost and increase office productivity for our customers". Bar Code Physical Inventory and Receiving are also available within the suite of software that Valid Data offers. Valid Data has been a pioneer in developing Bar Coding for the Retail Furniture Industry. Our first installation for both EDI and Bar Coding was in 1988. This Bar Coding software was redesigned just recently to comply with the Bar Coding Standards. Bar Coding Technology significantly reduces writing and keyboarding mistakes made by employees, and helps to decrease the time it takes for information to be processed. For example, the time it takes to complete a Physical Inventory and Reconciliation can be reduced by days by utilizing the Bar Code Physical Inventory Module. For more information, please contact Frank Kavanagh, President of Valid Data, at 1-800-AD-VALID or e-mail them at tincubat@nassau.cv.net

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