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Innovative New Product KID SAFE' Breathable Baby Mattress Introduced

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The Kid Safe- Breathable Baby Mattress was created by Dr. Habib Mahdavi for the comfort and safety of babies who prefer to sleep face down or who roll over during sleep. Like many worried parents, he spent countless sleepless nights trying to coax his own baby into a safe sleep position and was inspired to create the Kid Safe tm Breathable Baby Mattress. Dr. Mahdavi's original patented design was developed in conjunction with a pediatrician and internationally recognized expert on SIDS. The mattress provides a firm, breathable mesh sleeping surface with continuous airflow and the added reassurance of a durable, machine washable surface so bedding is always fresh and clean, free of dust mites, pollens and other allergens.   What is SIDS? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the term applied to any unexplained death in an apparently healthy infant under one year of age. There are no warning signs to indicate an infant is at risk. SIDS occurs in families of all races and backgrounds. It is rare during the first four weeks of life, but presents its greatest risks between the second and fifth months. With each month that follows, the risk gradually decreases and disappears after the twelfth month. SIDS is the cause of nearly 5,000 infant deaths in the United States each year. Studies of SIDS related fatalities have revealed many common features, known as "risk factors." By identifying these factors, parents can learn preventative measures. Prone Sleeping Position: When babies learn to roll over and sleep face down, some are unable to lift their heads from a conventional mattress or soft bedding, risking possible suffocation. Re-breathing- Exhaled Air Into Soft Bedding Sleeping face down on a conventional mattress or soft bedding can create air pockets between the cover and the mattress. This traps exhaled carbon dioxide, which may cause babies to re-breathe "bad" air. Failure to Arouse Refers to a medical condition in premature or developing infants who fail to respond normally to low oxygen levels in the blood. A normal baby may respond by breathing faster when blood levels of carbon dioxide rise. Regurgitation: Regurgitation, or vomiting, during sleep can block normal breathing. According to the manufacturer, the Kid Safe" Breathable Baby Mattress: allows babies to breathe comfortably, even if they sleep face down; provides a firm sleep surface; prevents formation of air pockets that trap exhaled carbon dioxide in soft bedding; minimizing the risk of re-breathing "bad" air; provides a continuous supply of fresh air; allows oral fluids or vomit to flow away so baby can breathe freely while sleeping.

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