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Nora-Fenton Direct Import To Open Corporate Showroom

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Nora Fenton Direct Import, the new company formed by 60 year industry veteran Nora Fenton, Inc., has begun construction on a new showroom at it's corporate offices in New Jersey, announced Richard Fenton, CEO. The showroom will be approximately 5,000 square feet, which was the size of Nora Fenton's High Point showroom which they closed after the October, 1997 market. "Despite the importance of High Point, it is our feeling that it is now too large for accessories to be worked effectively, and for sure the market is only going to get bigger and bigger", said Fenton. "More furniture manufacturers are opening showrooms there and existing exhibitors are expanding there, which will mean even less time in the future for buyers to seriously work the accessory floors", he added. Fenton noted that the bulk of their direct import sales presentations are being made with their catalog, which is produced in house with a new state of the art desktop publishing system. "We needed an area to see how the merchandise went together and concurrently we were told by some important customers that they want to touch and feel the merchandise. We immediately decided to convert the work area into a regular showroom", continued Fenton. The showroom will be open daily for all Customers to use. Key customers will be invited to New York City, which is just across the Hudson River from their Elizabeth, New Jersey offices, to work on their programs. The company maintains a midtown New York apartment on Park Avenue which will be available to the buyer. "For the first time, small as well as large stores can avail themselves of the tremendous price advantages of direct import buying without the difficulties and requirements Usually associated with overseas purchasing"," said Fenton. "We can accept orders as small as one piece and as large as 1,000 pieces because we consolidate many orders overseas and then distribute the merchandise from our warehouse in Elizabeth, New Jersey. This is the way retailers will increase their profits, expand their buying and remain competitive in the upcoming millennium," Fenton continued. The catalog currently has merchandise in it from India, China and the USA. It is available by calling 800 FENTONS (336-8667), the company's toll free message center.

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