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WHFA Announces Comprehensive Home Furnishings Extended Warranty Program For The Independent RETAILER

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The independent home furnishings retailer can finally make the same add on profits that major national furniture chains like Heilig-Meyers do. Other retail industries like the automotive, electronics, and white goods industries have been offering extended warranties for years. The Western Home Furnishings Association and Voyager Insurance Company have teamed to offer western retailers a complete Extended Service Program to add profits to their bottom line. The WHFA Extended Service Program (ESP) not only extends the manufacturer's warranty on a product, but also provides a value-packaged program to the consumer. The WHFA Extended Service Program benefits retailers in four different ways. One, the retailer has control of their own program and determines the selling price to the customer. Two, retailers will be reimbursed 100% for customer repairs within 30 days by Voyager Insurance. Three, the WHFA Extended Service Program has no licensing requirements. WHFA has taken care of that. WHFA has an in-house insurance broker licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Utah. This will save all retailers precious hours of education, licensing and continued education. And four, the comprehensive warranty program covers service, springs, and all structural defects. "Retailers should be careful of other Warranty programs that are not insured directly with an insurance company," says Larry Miller, Sit N' Sleep in Montebello, CA and Chairman of WHFA's Member Services Committee. "This program is the only tried-and-true FULL extended service program that offers the independent retailer 100% parts and labor, free maintenance, repair or replace, with no deductible. Several national furniture retailers have pioneered this program and are experiencing an approximate 70% close ratio." he adds. For more information, contact Kaprice Crawford at the WHFA office (916) 784-7677. WHFA, a regional affiliate of the National Home Furnishings Association, provides programs, services and networking opportunities that improve business opportunities and management practices of Western homefurnishings retailers.