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AFMA Environmental Awareness Training Teleconference Video Available

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The American Furniture Manufacturers Association (AFMA) has made available a video of the recent Environmental Awareness Training teleconference held on January 13. The video conference was attended by over 260 people connected by satellite to nine different community colleges in areas of AFMA membership concentration. Presented by the AFMA Manufacturing Division and the Furniture Manufacturing and Management Center at North Carolina State University, the four-hour video teleconferences was directed to first line supervisors in the furniture manufacturing industry. Issues covered in the teleconference and video include: Hazardous Waste, Spill Prevention and Pollution Prevention, Water Regulations, Underground Storage Tanks, AFMA Environmental Update, Air Quality Regulations, Old Facilities and Due Diligence, and E.P.A. Environmental Inspections. Each of the above segments is approximately 20 minutes in length on the video. Speakers and discussion leaders were selected from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, AFMA, ENSR and Environmental Investigations. The goals of the program are to: Increase environmental awareness of each supervisor. Develop worker appreciation for benefits of compliance and penalties associated with noncompliance. | Provide firstline supervisors with the knowledge to take appropriate first actions in the event of a mishap. Prepare workers for encounters with inspectors.   The cost of the video is $150.00 for companies who sent representatives to the January 13 teleconference, and $250 for companies not in attendance. Companies are encouraged to reserve their copies as soon as possible as the availability of the video will be based on a sufficient number of orders. Order forms may be obtained from the AFMA High Point, NC office. For more information contact afmahp@aol.com

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