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La-Z-Boy Delivery Service Opens in Richburg Site: Reprinted from News and Reporter, Chester, SC, Friday February 13, 1998

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Advanced Delivery Services, Inc. has just opened a distribution warehouse in a 40,000 square foot facility a distribution warehouse at 3159 Crenshaw Parkway, according to Brian Jordan, a vice president with the company. The new warehouse, Jordan says, will be the main distribution center for La-Z-Boy furniture orders sold from stores in Augusta, Columbia, Charlotte, Greenville, Pineville and Spartanburg. "Its a nice operation", says Jordan, a Boston native who is helping set up the new warehouse in Richburg. He says his company, basically will act as the middleman between furniture maker La-Z-Boy, the retailers who sell the furniture and the customers who buy it. The role of the new Advanced Delivery Services in Richburg is to deliver La-Z-Boy furniture to the customers who ordered it from furniture stores, Jordan explained. "This is more and more the way large furniture companies are going," Jordan said. They'd rather concentrate their efforts on merchandising, marketing and advertising than on delivery." Jordan said his company has been in business for 15 years, and is based in Westport, CT. The company, he says has a "multitude" of distribution centers on the East Coast and the Mid-West. La-Z-Boy is a principal account of the company, but the company also has major accounts with Ethan Allen and Bassett Furniture at some of its other locations, Jordan said. According to Jordan, most La-Z-Boy furniture buyers who'll deal with ADS probably won't even realize they're dealing with a middleman. "Our trucks will have the La-Z-Boy logo on them," he explained. "And our drivers and delivery men will wear clean, pressed uniforms with the La-Z-Boy logo. Everything here is viewed as a La-Z-Boy operation." Jordan says his company is presently renting the warehouse in the Richburg area, but he says his company intends to purchase the facility which was built by a developer as a "spec building." The company currently has about eight employees at the Richburg facility but is presently seeking to hire delivery drivers and people for its "helper teams." For more information on ADS call 800-ADS-TRUCK or in CT... 203-291-6840