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Cherie Rose, The Rose Collection, Los Gatos, CA Appointed President of the Western Home Furnishings Association.

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The Board of Directors of the Western Home Furnishings Association (WHFA) have unanimously appointed Cherie Rose, The Rose Collection, Los Gatos, California as 1998 WHFA President. Her installation was held January 23 during the WHFA Annual Membership Meeting at the San Francisco Mart. "Representing our Association and the furniture industry is both a personal and professional honor. I thank you for this opportunity and look forward to serving you," says Cherie. "I came to WHFA as a participating member, a Board member, and eventually through the officer chairs. I have been given the opportunity to serve on the Boards of a variety of home furnishings associations, but chose to devote my time and energy to WHFA because of its valuable products and services, networking opportunities, and my passion for the home furnishings industry." "1998 will see WHFA continue to grow in a variety of ways," Cherie says. "New programs, such as the WHFA warehouse products and light bulb program, were added to the long list of money-saving programs and services offered to each and every retailer in the west. Participate with us in 1998. It's a partnership made for retail." Other 1998 WHFA Officers and Board Members installed at the meeting include: WHFA President: Cherie Rose, The Rose Collection, San Jose, CA President Elect: Ronny Bensimon, Dearden 's Furniture, Los Angeles, CA Vice President: Larry Miller, Sit' N Sleep Furniture, Culver City, CA Secretary: Jerome James, Hafer's Home Furnishings, Manteca, CA Treasurer: Bob Ammirato, Western Contract Furnishers, Rnncho Cordova, CA Executive Committee Chair: Arne Rosencrantz, Garrett 's Furniture, Las Vegas, NV. Executive Director: Dave Lane, WHFA, Roseville, CA   WHFA BOARD MEMBERS: Cathy Bridges, Bank of America Merchant Services., Rancho Cordova, CA. Taylor Ganz, McMahan 's Furniture, Los,Angeles, CA. Don Gruner, Gruner's Furniture, Reno, NV. Bill Hewitt, Santa Rosa Bare Woods, Santa Rosa, CA. Stephen Hueftle, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, Las Vegas, NV Al Isenberg, Alpha Design Group, San Diego, CA Marvin Kerby, Kerby's Furniture, Mesa, AZ James Kropf, Modern Wall Systems, Glendale, AZ Don Kvingedal, La-Z-Boy Furniture, Santa Clara, CA Mary Ann Levitt, Breuners of Arizona, Scottsdale, AZ Ron Meadow, La Popular Furniture, Reseda, CA Rick Miles, Rick Miles & Associates, Walnut Creek, CA Craig Minette, Family Furniture Center, Colorado Springs, CO George Nader, Nader's Furniture Stores, Gardena, CA Roger O'Callaghan, Baby News Stores, Hayward, CA John Sanders, Sanders Furniture, San Rafael, CA Jeff Scorziell, Banner Bedding, Inc., San Bernadino, CA Brent Simon, Colorado Country Style, Highlands Ranch, CO Andrew Winans, Winans Furniture, Carson City, NV   WHFA INDUSTRY LIAISON David Marks, Bank of Antique Reproductions, Fullerton, CA WHFA/NHFA LIAISON Howard Haimsohn, Lawrence Contemporary, San Diego, CA 1ST PAST PRESIDENT Lee Siegel, Summer's Furniture Galleries, Bakersfield, CA PAST PRESIDENT'S ADVISORY COUNCIL Ron Helmonds, Woodworks Furniture, Cupertino, CA Larry Wolfe, Silverado Furniture, Napa, CA WHFA/CFMA LIAISON Ron Hoesterey, Royal Mattress, Santa Ana, CA   WHFA, a regional affiliate of the NHFA provides programs, services and networking opportunities that improve the business opportunities and management practices of Western home furnishings retailers. For more information on WHFA programs contact Don Meadows: e-mail: comm@whfa.org

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