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New Night for CHR Graduation

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The International Home Furnishings Representatives Association announces their semi-annual Certified Homefurnishings Representative Program (CHR) graduation to be held Wednesday, April 22, 1998, beginning at 6:30 pm in the IHFC Ballroom, 11th Floor, Green Wing. The event, previously held the Sunday of each market, will begin its Wednesday night debut this spring. This market's graduating class includes participants from the December 1997 and February 1998 Programs. In all, 95 graduates will receive recognition, in addition to a crystal, engraved with their name and achievement. They represent companies from around the U.S. and Canada such as Palliser, South Shore, Franklin, Berkline, Riverside, Universal, Baker, C.R. Laine, Vanguard, Schnadig, and Sligh. The 1998 graduates are as follows: Paul Adorno, Berkline; John Allison, Palliser; Kurt Altenberg, Palliser; Jeffrey Amitin, Schnadig; Bob Berliner, Berkline; William Bruinink, Sligh; George Bruns, PFC Pioneer; Brian Buchanan, Palliser; Annie Caron, South Shore; James Caughman, Baker; Claire Cavallon-Hall, Baker; Robert Cribbs, Kimball; Todd Csencsits, Palliser; Gregg Danon, Palliser; Randall Davis, Palliser, Astrid DeBruyn, Palliser; Gary Deane, Schnadig; Scott DeBolt, Pulaski; Patricia Devlin, Holland & Holland; John Dinwoody, Sligh; Arnold Dyck, Palliser; Fred Dyck, Palliser; Scott Ehrlichman, L. Fish Furniture; Gary Eisnor, C.R. Laine, Matthew Elowitz, Palliser; James Erickson, Palliser; Loreen Epp, Palliser; Karl Eulberg, Martin, Braxton Culler; Joshua Feinman, Berkline; Bryce Flanary, Palliser; Dinny Forbes, W. Schillig USA; Pierre Fournier, Palliser; Frank Froese, Palliser; Jim Furstenberg, Berkline; Robert Gamble, Jr., Baker; Bruce Gee, Palliser; Sharon Gjertsen, Schnadig; Lee Gibbs, Vanguard; Rick Graham, Franklin; Daniel Hall, C.R. Laine; Arne Halvorsen, Berkline; Kimberley Harden, Baker; Phillip Hobbs, Sligh; Robert W. Holland, Holland & Holland; Hank Holste, Baker; Chuck Horton, Sligh; Joel Huseby, Franklin; Doug Janzen, Palliser; Greg Jarvis, Franklin; Seth Joseph, Palliser; James Kester, Pulaski; Cliff Klassen, Palliser; Peter Kreitzer, Baker; Edward Lansaw, Baker; Bill Markowitz, La-Z-Boy; Chuck Matson, Sheila McCall, Florida Furniture; Mark McCarthy, Schnadig; Julie McMullen, Baker; Harriet Miller, Vanguard; Dixon Mitchell, Baker; Jim O'Connor, Sligh; David Park, C.R. Laine; Jay Paschall, Baker; Tom Perkins, Baker; Maurice Pleasants, Universal; Dan Powell, C.R. Laine; Bruno Putorti, 134140 Canada, Inc.; Brad Reed, Franklin; Pablo Reich, Palliser; Elliot Reiff, Ardley Hall; Tony Rihner, Schnadig; Denton Rogers, Universal; Marty Rose, Palliser; Steve Rose, Palliser, Georges Roy, Palliser; Peter Siemens, Palliser; David Sisk, Franklin; Kevin Snyder, Berkline; Curtis Spain, Berkline; Jeff Stocksdale, Palliser; Don Sydor, Palliser; Alan Taylor, South Shore; Brenda Title, South Shore; Karl Tobler, Berkline; Dan Toews, Palliser; Robert Trinko, C.R. Laine, Richard Vaughn, Baker; Al Vosburg, Homecrest; Colleen Vosburg, Riverside; Page Wilson, Pulaski; Mark Weir, Palliser; Jay Wood, Universal; Ken Wood, Universal; and John Wynne, Schnadig. The CHR Program, which has been training sales representatives and management since 1964, holds three open seating Programs each year: February, August, and December. The training includes six and a half days of modules ranging from retail relationships to financial skills. Instructors come from around the nation and comprise industry executives and consultants. IHFRA President Charles Ray, CHR, says the Program is gaining attention in the industry. "Each year, we partner with more manufacturers and representatives. It clearly shows the recognition and impact that the Program is making on the industry and the commitment that professionals are making to develop their careers more fully." All market goers are invited to attend and learn more about the only training in the industry for sales professionals. For more information on the Program, contact IHFRA at (336) 889-3920 E-mail:  ihfra@aol.com

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