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The Marquee Manager Saves Retail Store Managers Time and Money

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WIH Software has released The Marquee Manager, a Windows and DOS program that lets restaurant, theater, and retail store managers save time and money when changing the messages on their outdoor marquee signs. Retail store owners can spend hours each week wrestling with plastic letters when they change the messages on their marquees. Now they can spend more time making imaginative phrases that will attract and retain customers, and less time with the mechanics of changing their signs. Using The Marquee Manager, employees can spend more time working comfortably on the computer, and less time in inclement weather changing signs. The Marquee Manager is simple to install, and runs on any Windows or DOS computer. With its intuitive, easy to learn interface, The Marquee Manager will pay for itself the first few times you use it, and continue to save time and money, week after week. The program supports both individual letters and word panels (where words like "SALE" would be printed on a single piece of plastic.) Whether your message is the same on both sides of your sign or different, The Marquee Manager will keep track of your old messages, and tell you which letters you can put back into storage, which new letters you'll need, and which letters you should move to the other side of the sign. The Marquee Manager costs $15 and runs on DOS or Windows. Site licenses are available for an additional $5 per store. For more information, contact William Hartner, WIH Software, 308 Leeland St., Ste 1, Green Bay, WI 54303. Phone: (920) 497-1767 E-mail: WIHSoftware@msn.com. You can download a fully-functional trial version of The Marquee Manager from America OnLine or from http://www.wihsoftware.simplenet.com.

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