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GERS Retail Systems Converts Several Long-Standinghome Furnishings Retailers To Its Sequel System

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The following GERS home furnishings retail clients are upgrading their current GERS RDOS systems to the GERS Sequel System. Ball Furniture: Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ball Furniture has two stores and one warehouse. Ball, who has had a relationship with GERS since 1984, will be using the GERS Base Package, and the Customer Service, Revolving Charge, Installment AR, Batch bar Coding and Sequel Flash modules. Matter Brothers Furniture: Matter Brothers, who began doing business with GERS in 1989, is upgrading its four stores and one warehouse in Fort Meyers, Florida, this month. In addition to the GERS Base Package, Matter Brothers has purchased the GERS Customer Service, POS, Batch Bar Coding, Sequel Mail and Sequel Flash modules. J.J. Cater: This North Palm Beach, Florida-based company switched its two stores and one warehouse to the Sequel System from the RDOS System which they installed in 1980. J.J. Cater will utilize the GERS Base Package, and the POS, Batch Bar Coding and Sequel Flash modules. Bullard Furniture and Appliance: Bullard I lard has one store in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and has had a relationship with GERS since 87. They will be utilizing GERS' Base Package, and the Customer Service, Installment AR, POS, Batch Bar Coding and Sequel Flash modules. 1997 was a very successful year for GERS, both in obtaining new business and in offering enhancements to current customers," said Dennis Conforto, GERS Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "We're really pleased that our long-standing customers are upgrading their systems, because it shows they nave confidence in us and our product." The Sequel System is a powerful retail management tool that provides leading automation technology to help retailers with many of the operational aspects of running a home furnishings business including accounting, inventory sales and merchandising. -Built within an Oracle relational database platform to facilitate optimal growth, the Sequel System offers a variety of optional modules and interfaces to expand system capabilities to a retailer's specific needs. GERS Retail Systems provides fully integrated, Open Systems computer solutions software, hardware, and comprehensive training for department stores, specialty stores, Home Furnishings retailers, and Consumer Electronics/Wireless retail operations. For more information e-mail: dgordon@gers.com

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