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CalTV Homestore Chooses The Efficiency Of The GERS Sequel System To Streamline Their Operations

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CalTV Homestore, a Texas-based furniture, appliance, and consumer electronics retailer, has chosen GERS Retail Systems and its Sequel System as their retail management tool. The retailer purchased the system to make their business more efficient, which they believe will produce greater customer service and profits. CalTV Homestore will utilize the GERS Base Package, and the Customer Service, Point-of-Sale, Batch Bar Coding, Sequel Mail, Sequel Flash and Installment A/R modules. Conversion to the GERS Sequel System began the first week of April. Prior to the GERS system, CalTV used an IBM system. The retailer has high hopes for the system. ìTimes are changing and the new century is nearly here, so we needed a system that was more advanced technologically for us to offer our customers the most,î said Ruben Guerrero, Vice President of CalTV Homestore. ìInternally we hope to increase productivity among our workers, and if we want to be more customer service oriented, itís got to start with our employees.î CalTV Homestores, who has been in business for more than 25 years, has three stores and one warehouse and is headquartered in El Paso, Texas. They also have sites in Mexico, which they plan to convert to the Sequel System in the future. The one-stop retailer, which sells TVís, home furnishings, appliances, consumer electronics and computers, offers in-house financing to its diverse clientele. "We like CalTV Homestoresí approach to customer service because thatís how we serve our customers---with full commitment,î said Dennis Conforto, Vice President of GERS. ìFrom our Sequel System and products, to our support structure, weíre confident they will be pleased with the system." The GERS Sequel System is a comprehensive management tool that allows retailers the ability to oversee all aspects of retail operation including accounting, inventory, sales, warehousing and merchandising, with the flexibility to shape the system to their individual needs. Built within an Oracle relational database platform to facilitate optimal growth, the Sequel System also features clear menus with friendly pop-up windows to guide users through each procedure to save time and increase employee productivity San Diego-based GERS Retail Systems provides fully integrated, Open Systems computer solutions software, hardware, and comprehensive training for the retail industry, department and specialty stores. For more information, contact Shelley Boswell at 800-854-2263, ext. 454 or e-mail: dgordon@gers.com

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