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The IKEA Emeryville Beauty And The Beast Contest Celebrates All Cats And Dogs… Chubby, Lean, Furry, A Little Naked Or That Just Have A Great Smile!

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WHAT: In conjunction with the launch of the new IKEA Pets and People accessories and product range, San Francisco Bay Area residents and visitors can participate in the IKEA Emeryville Beauty and the Beast Contest organized just for their pet cats and dogs! Visitors can enter the contest by submitting pictures of their pet; and while all pets are cute in their own unique way, an IKEA ‘social committee’ will review the entries and select one Beauty (“prettiest”) and one Beast (“ugliest”) pet winner. Winners will receive a basket full of the IKEA Pets and People new products such as bowls, place mats, hooks, leashes, collars, scratching figures, rope-pull play toys, rugs, baskets, towels, pawcloths (for wiping pets’ face or feet) and cozy cushions for pet napping time. WHEN: IKEA Beauty and the Beast Contest *ENTRIES ACCEPTED MAY 17 – MAY 31, 2004 *ONE WINNING ENTRY SELECTED BY JUNE 4, 2004 WHERE: IKEA Emeryville 4400 Shellmound Street Emeryville, CA 94608 http://www.ikea-usa.com IKEA designers, pet experts and pet lovers helped develop the “Pets and People” range with the mantra, “the more you give, the more they give.” The more that people understand their pets, by being attentive to their needs, the more love and joy they will receive in return. IKEA recognizes that this helps to create a better everyday life at home – for everyone! CONTACT: IKEA Emeryville Katie Quartey 510.420.4532 ext. 1336 katie.quartey@memo.ikea.com

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