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GERS to Introduce the Blueprint for Retail Excellence at Retail Systems 2004

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GERS Retail Systems, the leading provider of Planning, Analytics, and Transaction Management solutions for the retail industry, today announced their Blueprint for Retail Excellence. The Blueprint connects the critical retail processes of one-number planning, in-season excellence, and supply chain synchronization, and enables retailers to consistently anticipate, understand, and fulfill their customers’ expectations. “Excellence in retail is all about satisfying the customer by providing the products they want at the price, location, and time they want them,” said John Sailer, Vice President of Strategies and Solutions for GERS Retail Systems. The Blueprint for Excellence defines GERS’ corporate strategy as well as how retailers create a great customer experience that leads to bankable repeat business. GERS will be demonstrating their Merchandising, Planning, Analytics, Sales Channel Management, and Supply Chain solutions as critical pieces of the Blueprint in booth #1523. About GERS Retail Systems GERS Retail Systems is a leading supplier of software solutions that empower decision makers to make the right decisions right now. By facilitating the real-time flow of transactions and information across the entire retail organization, our solutions enable retailers to consistently anticipate, understand, and fulfill their customers’ expectations for products that are priced, located, and timed to provide the optimal shopping experience. GERS solutions manage the merchandising life cycle, multi-channel selling, planning, business intelligence, and supply chain synchronization to create a great customer experience. For more information, please visit www.gers.com.

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