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GERS Will Introduce Business Performance Management At Retail Systems 2004: Real-Time Performance Management Tools That Align Retail Organizations To Facilitate Time-Critical, High-Value Decisions Available In Booth #1523

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GERS Retail Systems, the leading provider of real-time, closed-loop retail management solutions for the retail industry, today announced that they are incorporating Business Performance Management (BPM) into their Planning and Analytics solutions to provide the instant insight and analysis capabilities required to make more predictive and effective decisions. Being shown for the first time at Retail Systems 2004, GERS BPM’s advanced analytical capabilities allow retailers to continuously monitor, analyze, and understand products and performance, basing their decisions on real-time information and forward-looking trends rather than solely upon events that happened in the past. “Our BPM-powered solutions will align the entire organization, making it easier to formulate timely, strategic responses to market shifts, competitive pressures, and constantly changing trends—both at the store and industry levels,” said John Sailer, Vice President of Strategies and Solutions for GERS Retail Systems. “BPM is the next generation of retail technology that will enable retailers to link traditionally siloed data such as Corporate Planning and Store Sell Through, and enable the retailers to bring all their information together to make the right decision right now.” GERS BPM comprises a complete portfolio of performance management tools to improve decision making: ß Real-time Retail Dashboards that deliver immediate performance updates to decision-maker’s desktops ß Dynamic Analytics Wizards that drive powerful planning and forecasting ß Fully integrated Scenario Wizards and Templates that support intuitive projections and alternative evaluations ß Enterprise-wide Collaboration and Alerts that streamline decision-making processes and cross-department communication ß Automatic Execution Auditing and Tracking to ensure timely evaluation and execution of critical tasks About GERS Retail Systems GERS Retail Systems is a leading supplier of software solutions that empower decision makers to make the right decisions right now. By facilitating the real-time flow of transactions and information across the entire retail organization, our solutions enable retailers to consistently anticipate, understand, and fulfill their customers’ expectations for products that are priced, located, and timed to provide the optimal shopping experience. For more information, please visit www.gers.com.

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