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Creative Colors International is currently one of the largest franchises in the repair, reconditioning and color restoration of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastics and carpeting. Considered the industry experts in leather repair and refinishing, Creative Colors International has compiled several tips for your readers regarding proper leather care. Below please find some useful information for extending and enhancing the life of leather upholstery. To retain its beauty and other desirable qualities, leather requires frequent conditioning to replace the natural lubricants lost during normal use. With the proper care, leather can be protected from excessive dryness that can cause it to crack, and from moisture that may cause it to swell or mildew. Because unprotected leather is susceptible to spotting from water and other liquids, a newly purchased leather item should be treated immediately to help prevent permanent stains from occurring. Be sure to use only the proper protection for your particular type of leather. Tips for the Care of Pigmented Leathers, mostly found in home furnishings: 1. The use of too much oil or wax can clog pores, causing leather to lose its ability to allow air in and moisture out. For the best protection, we recommend a mild dishwashing soap. Ivory liquid dishwashing soap is an excellent way to keep your leather clean and looking new. One part Ivory to 10 parts water. 2. Dairy products that spill on darker dyed leather will leave a spot. After cleaning, the oils in the dairy products will eventually rise back up to the surface. Try and be careful with any dairy product next to your leather. 3. Lighter colored leather needs to be cleaned often. Dirt, dust and clothing will leave traces on leather. Especially, black and dark-blue dyed jeans. 4. Never use preparations made for smooth leather on suede or “rough out” leather. Use only cleaners or preparations made specifically for suede. It’s important that all leather goods, including car seats, footwear, clothing, furniture and everything in between, receive proper care, which will enhance and extend the life of any leather good.