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Free Consumer Booklet Available From The Hardwood Manufacturers Association

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The Hardwood Manufacturers Association (HMA), a Pittsburgh-based trade organization, has published Hardwood Expressions, a free, 36-page consumer guide to solid hardwood flooring, cabinetry, furniture and woodwork. Readers will find facts, "how-to" information and detailed, practical advice on shopping for, decorating with and caring for solid hardwood products. For instance, the hardwood flooring section contains installation information for radiant heat and concrete slabs, while a chapter on mouldings explains how to create a custom look with stock mouldings through "stacking." Flooring and furniture finishes, including their care and repair, also are covered extensively. Illustrations and photos are aimed at helping readers understand joinery techniques, the differences between solid hardwood and other types of construction, and the origin of character marks, such as knots, streaks and grain patterns that give U.S. hardwoods their distinct, natural beauty prized throughout the world. Other highlights of the booklet include a section on modem forest management practices, along with descriptions of popular U.S. hardwood species, such as alder, ash, birch, beech, cherry, hickory, maple, oak and walnut. To order a free copy of Hardwood Expressions, contact the Hardwood Manufacturers Association, 400 Penn Center Blvd., Suite 530, Pittsburgh, PA 15235, 1-800-373-WOOD, http://www.hardwood.org. The Hardwood Manufacturers Association is the largest national trade association devoted exclusively to advancing the interests of U.S. hardwood lumber producers and processors. For more than a decade, HMA has conducted a nationwide program to educate consumers about the warmth, beauty and lasting value of fine solid hardwood products. E-mail: info@hardwood.org

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