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Fabrictech International Formally Launches PureCare Plush Antibacterial Silver Pillows at Vegas Market

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Fabrictech will has introduced the
"Tell us your PureCare Plush Personality”
social networking program.

Fabrictech International, the company known for changing the focus of the top-of-bed industry from mattress protection to addressing the health, well-being and comfort needs and desires of consumers, announced that it is introducing a full line of superior comfort pillows with unique features that enhance the health and wellness of the sleep environment. According to company president Jeff Bergman, “None of this pillow line introduction was guess-work. Our goal from the start was to offer the very best comfort levels and designs, and pair that with the focus on health, allergen, bacteria and bedbug protection that has made Fabrictech the leader in health and wellness in the sleep products protection industry today. The entire product development process was done with extensive product research, retailer input and feedback, as well as consumer input, to identify and address the key needs and desires of our consumers and to offer them something better,” says Bergman.

Jeff Bergman invites consumers to indulge themselves in the PureCare™ Plush Pillow line by selecting from a broad range of choices. Three pillow categories include natural talalay latex pillows, temperature neutral memory foam pillows in different shapes and comfort levels, and down pillows bathed in Ultra-Fresh™ anti-bacterial cleansing treatment and made with sealed inner linings so that dust mites and allergens cannot gain access inside the pillow. There is a fourth specialty category, featuring a plush and supple specialty body pillow called Cuddle Me. “We offer the perfect combination of pillows that will redefine comfort and health. They are specially crafted to enhance the consumer’s sleep environment,” says Bergman.

All pillows in the PureCare Plush line feature Fabrictech’s premium antibacterial silver protection. They start with the softest biodegradable, dust mite and fungi resistant bamboo fiber with an application of silver ions that locate and deactivate bacteria and kill dust mites and other allergens. All of the pillows also feature MiteTight™ Sealed seams and locking, bedbug proof zippers. Additionally the pillow line comes with a 5 year warranty.

Inviting Slogans, Color-coded Packaging and Social Media Marketing

Sean Bergman, vice president of sales and marketing points out that based on input from retailers and consumers alike, each of the four various pillow categories features eye-catching warm and bright pastel-colored packaging and displays designed to attract and draw-in the consumer and make it easy for her to select the ideal pillow. The pillows are marketed with catchy and fun slogans that engage the consumer and make the pillows accessible and identifiable, such as the Elegant “Shape with a Signature” molded construction premium memory foam Pillow; the latex/memory foam Combo “Best of Both Worlds” pillow offering two sides, two comforts; or “The Light as a Feather” down and feather pillow. In all Bergman points out that there are ten pillows, each with its own personality or slogan, and four overall categories with distinct color-schemes.

As a key part of the Las Vegas new product introduction the company is launching the “Tell us your PureCare Plush Personality” social marketing program on www.Facebook.com/Fabrictech. Facebook users are invited to select the pillow personality that best matches them. They are then entered to win their own set of PureCare Plush pillows.

Guests coming into the Fabrictech showroom (C-1532) will be given a color-coded “Hello” sticker that says, “My PureCare Plush personality is…” with the matching pillow slogan. “This is a fun way to involve our retail customers online and in the showroom, and to familiarize them with the new pillow line, and how they can select the pillow that is just right for their sleeping ‘personality,” says Bergman.d

Fabrictech International’s products are used and recommended by over 12,000 physicians nationwide to shield against bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, bacteria, fungi and odors.

For more information, retailers and consumers are invited to contact: www.fabrictech.com

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