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Articles published in 2021

Customer Experience Management  - 3/20/2021

CXM is a tool that will help you to grow your furniture business and outperform competitors large and small.

Design & Designer: Fashion Snoops Update  - 3/20/2021

Fashion Snoops’ expert forecaster Jay Anna Mize looks at what’s now and what’s next in style and consumer buying behaviors.

Corporate Social Responsibility  - 3/20/2021

Andrew Koenig explains how home furnishings retailers can conceive and implement a CSR program that helps employees, customers and the communities.

Retailer’s Guide to Digital Advertising  - 3/20/2021

Here’s what’s going on in retail with IP targeting, OTT, mobile ID targeting, programmatic, targeted Facebook ads and much more.

Rebranding: Badcock Home Furniture &more  - 3/20/2021

Here’s how this 380+ store retailer created a new branding campaign just right for reaching out to customers, non-customers and lapsed customers.

HFA Reports: Succession—Miskelly Furniture  - 3/20/2021

Miskelly Furniture ensures succession success— and challenges the next generation to create its own path.

HFA Reports: PPP Tax Implications  - 3/20/2021

News about Home Furnishings Association’s retail members plus legislative and other information of interest to Furniture World readers.

HFA Reports: Looking Forward  - 3/20/2021

Ode to HFA's retailer benefits... Texas style

Bedding & Mattress Sales: Sumthin’ for Nothin’  - 3/20/2021

Free delivery and give-a-ways like free pillows and protectors do more harm than just eroding margins. They lessen perceived value.

Editor's Corner: Don’t Trip On The Dismount  - 3/20/2021

Nobody in our industry can deny that the past months have been grueling.

Furniture World: 150 Years of Furniture Retailing  - 1/23/2021

Retailers are arrested, die of apoplexy, visit furniture shows, and pioneer DTC mattress sales models. It's the same old home furnishings business!

Point Counterpoint: Optimistic about 2021?  - 1/23/2021

Ed says that he's never been more positive. Bill issues dire warnings and advises retailers to batten down the hatches!

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales Series  - 1/23/2021

Selling mattresses and furniture can be a great career. So, what can be done to elevate the status of RSAs, starting now in 2021?

HFA Reports  - 1/23/2021

News about Home Furnishings Association's retail members plus legislative and other information of interest to Furniture World readers.

Harkness Furniture at 100  - 1/23/2021

HFA member Harkness Furniture completes a century of growth and looks forward to a bright future.

HFA: Looking Forward  - 1/23/2021

After what we've seen this year, it's more important than ever to have a support system.

The 2000-Year-Old Furniture Man  - 1/23/2021

Gordon Hecht chats with a 2,000-year-old man about his experiences in the furniture industry over the past 150 years.

Editor's Corner  - 1/23/2021

150 years of never changing needs.

12 Ways to Avoid the Coming Cash Flow Trap  - 1/22/2021

Twelve cash flow enhancing ideas for managing your retail furniture store pipeline in these chaotic times.

Design & Designer: SCAD  - 1/22/2021

A discussion of furniture design trends consumers will be looking for as we exit the pandemic.