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Articles published in 2008

Use Color Undertones For Standout Furniture Displays  - 11/20/2008

A look at how showroom wall colors and lighting can make furniture either blend in to the background or make it stand out to create exciting displays.

How To Increase Delivery Fuel Efficiency 25% Or More  - 11/20/2008

Regardless of the brand of trucks you use for delivery, you have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars annually through driver training and motivation.

Decorating School Crash Course - Fabrics Part 7b  - 11/20/2008

Continuation of this popular series that provides scripts furniture retailers use to conduct successful consumer design seminars. This installment reveals how customers can choose main and supporting fabrics, and work with pattern and texture. Included is a glossary of fabric terms and photos.

2009 Survival Of The Fittest Furniture Stores  - 11/20/2008

Three savvy Canadian retailers, Paul Dekker, Steve Forberg and Dennis Novosel, look at ways to survive and thrive in a tough economy.

Why Should Customers Buy from You?  - 11/19/2008

Larry Mullins looks at four wasteful assumptions most home furnishings have, that tend to hobble their advertising and marketing efforts.

13 Ways To Survive In Very Dry Times  - 11/19/2008

In times like these, retailers need to hone cash management skills, buy smarter and sell better.

Wolfgang Kranz leaves Koelnmesse  - 11/14/2008

Organizer of imm cologne, The International Furnishing show announced that Wolfgang Kranz (49) has resigned from his position as Executive Vice President of Koelnmesse.

Customers Judge You In The Blink Of An Eye  - 9/11/2008

That’s good news if your store exterior and front entrance convey your brand identity and set the stage for the shopping experience to come.

Sustainability Update: G-R-0-W-I-N-G Greener  - 9/11/2008

For these retailers, sustainable retailing is more than a marketing slogan. It is an ongoing process of self improvement.

Personal Sales Tips For Slow Days  - 9/11/2008

A small attitude adjustment and a few reminders of important sales do’s and dont’s can get you back on track.

What Are They Thinking, Those Crazy Store Owners  - 9/11/2008

Sometimes furniture store owners say and do things that defy reason. Three examples.... more to come.

The Driver’s Role In Perfect Deliveries  - 9/11/2008

Now is the time to look at your delivery systems,in-home service/ sales calls and driver education.

Top Ten Things Furniture Retailers Need To Know About Lighting  - 9/11/2008

Ten ways to improve your displays, save on your electricity costs and avoid the most common lighting mistakes.

Modern Ways To Increase GMROI - Part 2  - 9/11/2008

Part 2: Old school ways to increase this critical measure are just not enough anymore!

What’s Working Now To Drive Traffic  - 9/10/2008

It isn’t time to do blanket price promotion or a large-scale top of mind advertising awareness campaign. So what should you do?

Decorating School Crash Course Fabrics Part 7a  - 9/10/2008

Lesson #7a: Script for a design seminar that will help your customers to make knowledgeable color, pattern and texture choices.

What You Need To Know About Social Networking  - 9/10/2008

Solidify your customer base, energize your sales force, attract a new generation of buyers and generate revenue in a number of innovative ways.

Build Loyalty Before 5PM With Same Day Service Calls  - 9/10/2008

Roomful Express Furniture improves key operations metrics with new program.

Getting Important Information From Your Bedding Customers  - 7/14/2008

Peter A. Marino, Ron Wolinski and Cathy Finney provide helpful information for sales professionals on qualifying and probing.

Cure For The Business Blues  - 7/14/2008

Examples of how some furniture entrepreneurs are turning the tide in a negative business climate.

Staying Alive During Tough Times - Part 6  - 7/14/2008

Here are some suggestions for staying alive, and maybe even doing better, in these tough times.

Inexpensive Showroom Renovations - Big Impact - Part 1  - 7/14/2008

Some quick steps you can take to refresh your store and give it some new energy for about $20 per square foot.

7 Steps To Easily Reduce Fuel Costs  - 7/14/2008

Now is the time to look at your delivery systems, in-home service/sales calls and driver education.

Retail Profile: Karger Gallery  - 7/14/2008

Renate Karger is racking up the sales in a small footprint store by creating a unique brand and an innovative shopping experience.

Help Bedding Customers To Buy It! - Part 2  - 7/14/2008

Series explores the physiology of sleep, value promises and how to convey these messages at the point of sale. Plus, bonus sales techniques that will help any sales associate to make more sales.

Modern Ways To Maximize Your GMROI - Part 1  - 7/14/2008

This article will highlight some modern ways to increase your GMROI by using technology to pull in extra customers and move merchandise while minimizing costs.

Special Supplement - Area Rugs For Every Budget  - 7/14/2008

Excerpts from Furniture World's 16 page guide on rug construction, fibers, styles, quality features and cleaning.

16 Bedding Sales Tips  - 5/9/2008

Sixteen ways you can boost bedding sales... from developing rapport (#1) To handling customer objections by treating them as implied needs.

Help Bedding Customers To Cool It!  - 5/9/2008

This article is the first in a two-part series exploring the physiology of sleep, the evolution of bedding products, value promises and how to accurately convey these messages to consumers at the point of sale.

Retail Profile: Decorium  - 5/9/2008

Once customers walk in the front door of Decorium, this retailer’s focus is on engaging them and keeping them focused on the home furnishings buying process.

Foam Packaging Recycling Basics  - 5/9/2008

Recycling EPS now makes sense for furniture retailers. There are a number of processing alternatives that can change its disposal from a big expense to one that can actually generate a payback.

Forget Old Media, Use People Media™ -- Part 5  - 5/9/2008

People Media™ begin at the top. Your store’s Brand begins with your own personal Brand. All of us have a Brand. You cannot fake it. Here are easy and inexpensive tips for using People Media on your website, on your sales floor, in your direct mail and even at the point of delivery.

Revenue Opportunities With Free Website Analytics  - 5/9/2008

Google has empowered any home furnishings retailer who wants to uncover and/or create revenue opportunities by installing Google Analytics on his or her website. Here are the top ten ways you can use analytics to generate more offline sales from your online efforts.

Futon and Specialty Sleep Trade Leases Permanent Space In Las Vegas  - 4/20/2008

Space in “Building C” will present futons, sofa sleepers, specialty bedding and related home furnishings accessories.

Decorating School Crash Course- Part 6, Accessories  - 3/10/2008

Decorating seminars help customers solve problems, and they position you as a home furnishings expert. Margarett DeGange presents a script you can use to put on an Accessorizing Seminar for customers and prospects.

Don’t Annoy Customers With Poor Follow-up Calls!  - 3/10/2008

Although follow-up is the way to get be-back customers, when improperly executed, follow-up calls can be counterproductive. For mega-retailers, bad follow-up can work just enough times to keep them doing it, but for everyone else, it just doesn’t make sense.

Convert More Phone Price Inquiries Into Sales  - 3/10/2008

Convert More Phone Price Inquiries Into Sales This is the first in a FURNITURE WORLD Magazine series written by Leslie Carothers to help home furnishings retailers manage their intentional and unintentional internet presence. This month she explains how to turn internet inquiries into solid sales.

Eye-Popping Retail Display Trends  - 3/9/2008

Janet Holt-Johnstone reviews fourteen “Trends” displays, each having a different visual ambience presented to offer retailers ideas for the benefit of “needy” customers.

Recession Proof Direct Mail Strategies  - 3/9/2008

The Traffic Guys provide recession proof ideas for building traffic by using mailings directed to “be-back” and “lost” customers.

Add 250,000 Gross Margin $$ Without Raising Prices!  - 3/8/2008

Clearance sales may have their time and place, however, there are many other more productive ways to increase GMROI. You can do this without increasing prices or holding inventory clearance sales.

Forget Old Media Use People Media™  - 3/8/2008

Digital communication is changing marketing as we know it. Old marketing assumed that someone was watching your commercials and reading your ads. Many furniture retailers are bombarding customers with weak and hastily prepared advertising messages, but you don’t have to.

Staying Alive During Tough Times - Part 5  - 1/7/2008

Even with a great strategy and professional players, without a coaching staff who observe, adjust, consult with individual players, and perform ongoing training, and who measure everything, the results will not be good.

Second FURNITURE WORLD Beautiful Truck Contest  - 1/4/2008

FURNITURE WORLD readers, Majors and Independent Stores entered their amazingly beautiful trucks this year along with advertising, maintenance and delivery tips. Winners are presented in a number of categories including a new one, Retail Show Trucks.

The Media Is The Message At Conway Furniture  - 1/2/2008

Retailer uses light and entertaining radio commercial format to promote a “Shop?North America”, environmental and quality message.

Double Your Store Traffic - Part 6: Put A Stamp On It!  - 1/2/2008

Direct mail is proving to be more and more effective, even while traffic and sales slump for most furniture retailers. If, however, you find that your direct mail results are flagging, read this article for tips and techniques that are guaranteed to improve your returns.

Meet The Retail Sales Power Players  - 1/2/2008

Sales tips and training tools from some of the best sales associates and Cathy Finney.

Decorating School Crash Course - Part 5, Furniture Placement  - 1/2/2008

Decorating seminars help customers solve problems, and they position you as a home furnishings expert. Margarett DeGange presents a script you can use to put on a Furniture Placement Seminar for your customers and prospects.

The Seven Lost Ad Secrets - Part 3  - 1/2/2008

Larry Mullins explains how to effectively use new, inexpensive, uncluttered, media to reach the public and tell your story. He does a post mortem on those pervasive Big Box ads and provides tips to help you to make your ads really pull.