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Tōv Furniture to Bring Sensory Experience to Las Vegas Market

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TŌV Furniture recently announced that this year, market attendees will get to experience a new On Fleek redesign of their furniture showroom.

Pop-up immersive experiences are a viral trend in the food world, but TŌV’s On Fleek showroom will be the first of its kind in the furniture industry.

“Like our furnishings, we want our showroom experience to speak to you while letting you express yourself,” said Chaya Krinsky, TŌV’s head designer. “Our furnishings don’t just take up space, why should our showroom?”

Inspired by the Museum of Ice Cream and soon-to-open Rosé Mansion, the On Fleek showroom invites guests to experience design through all of their senses. And while the ice cream and rosé immersive experiences found ways to bring tactile and visual elements to a product that centers on the sense of taste, TŌV is flipping the script.

“Experiencing furniture design always involves your sense of touch and, if it’s done the right way, your visual perceptions,” said Krinsky. “What we’re doing is completing the sensation spectrum, bringing elements to our showroom that engage your senses of taste, sound, and smell as well.”

On Fleek will guide attendees through several settings focused on design elements related to individual furnishings. Guests will be able to participate in thematic activities related to those elements. Details are currently under wraps, but Krinsky promised that rosé, ice cream, and a collaboration with cosmetics line Sephora will all come into play.

“We want our guests to form a fabulous connection with our designs while they’re in the showroom,” Krinsky added. “The idea is for them to have an all-over deja vu sensation every time they see it in their homes.”

Attendees can visit TŌV Furniture at showroom B662 to get the On Fleek experience from July 29th to August 2nd.

More about TŌV Furniture:
TŌV Furniture manufactures fashionable, affordable furniture for forward-thinking companies. Over the past five years, TŌV has become one of the fastest growing furniture brands in the United States. A family-owned company with a mission to set a higher-standard offering fresh, affordable designs that make a statement, allowing consumers to express themselves with beautiful furnishings that do more than just take up space. For more information, visit tovfurniture.com.

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