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Youth Furniture Sales Insight #1 From Maxwood: The ABC's of Success

Furniture World News Desk on 12/30/2015

Creating a successful Youth Department is as easy as ABC:
  • Carrying the right Assortment
  • Efficiently Attracting potential Buyers 
  • And providing the right Customer Service

So let’s start with Assortment – after over 10 years dedicated to the Youth Segment here are the top 5 requests we continue to hear from our customers – leading to our assortment recommendation for the types of products you will need for a successful Youth Department:

  1. I am looking for space saving options for a small kid’s room 
    Kids rooms are often the smallest in the house – but kids and teens have lots of toys and goodies! Offering space saving furniture solutions like lofts or beds with under bed storage options is critical to convert space conscious shoppers. 

  2. How can I best accommodate 2 kids sharing a room?
    Bunk beds are the traditional solution for shared bedrooms, and an affordable twin over twin bunk bed is a “must” in any youth department. Consider adding higher price point options like the popular staircase bunk, or consider L-shaped or Corner Bunks to show different ways to efficiently position 2 beds in a room. 

  3. Help me find furniture that fits my child's unique tastes and hobbies.
    Starting at age 6 and up, kids personality develops and unique tastes and preferences emerge. Parents often look to support their children’s interests by creating the perfect environment to nurture them. Have a little girly princess? She will want an ornate, “pretty” design, ideally with added accessories. Have a passionate reader? A built in bookcase in the headboard is perfect. Have a little sports fan in the family? Add accessories like ball shaped seating or knobs. Offering options for personalization – like Monogram wall-art, crystal knobs, bean bags and rugs are a great way to help parents and kids customize their perfect solution. Remember, not all accessories need to be “young” – many kids rooms look best when styled with some “grown up” accessories.

  4. School is starting! I need a desk and more storage asap.
    Back to school is a critical sales season – as shoppers are on a real deadline to re-organize their child’s environment and get them ready for the new school year. Offer Free-standing and Built-in Desk options and coordinating chairs to complete the sale.

  5. Safety is very important to me. How can I be sure I am getting the safest product for my child?
    When deciding on which supplier to carry, be sure to check their focus on safety. Having specific information an answer to questions about safety available like Catalogs, Blogs or Websites, and being able to provide answers to specific questions is critical to convert a parent concerned about safety.

As owner and CMO of Maxwood Furniture, a leader in the Youth Furniture Category, Anne Jensen has been involved in the Youth Furniture Industry for over a decade. With strong expertise in design, marketing, e-commerce and retail, Anne brings a deep level of knowledge of Youth Furniture Industry trends and developments. Anne will be contributing on the topic of Youth Furniture on a regular basis. For more information visit https://www.maxtrixkids.com.