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Spaldin Sleep Systems To Introduce New Thermal Bedding Technologies At Las Vegas Market

Furniture World News Desk on 12/29/2013

Spaldin Sleep Systems, a pioneer in the use of fully certified human and ecologically safe materials announced that it will introduce to North America its new worldwide collection at the Las Vegas market.

“Since we landed in the USA in 2008, we have been offering retailers and consumers proven, tested and documented sleep solutions that take us away from the noise and squawking of the jungle of false and weak claims and “me too” materials”, says Oscar Valdemoros, President of Spaldin.

“Thermal comfort that now seems to be a main focus of the industry was overlooked for years even though it is a major factor affecting the quality of sleep. Spaldin, in our aim to mimic nature, has always had Thermal comfort in mind. We have always researched to incorporate the key elements of thermal conductivity and air permeability in the materials used to build our mattresses and how they interact with the Sleep and Circadian Cycles of a human body” Valdemoros says.

In 2008 Spaldin introduced its unique tubular SErgoFlow mattress. In spring 2013 they introduced Gemma, a unique and patent pending mattress construction that uses uniform Gem-like foams to increase airflow and thermal regulation. Gemma, in a short time, has achieved national distribution with some of the biggest USA mattress retailers.

Maximizing, quantifying and externally certifying thermal comfort is one of the biggest driving forces behind Spaldin product engineering. “We were the first company to offer our customers independently tested mattresses with an objective rating to help them make their choice. Our customers now have a way to compare the thermal comfort performance of mattresses regardless of the manufacturer or the materials. This allows a real way to differentiate real performance from gimmicks", says Valdemoros.

At the Las Vegas Winter Market 2014 Spaldin says that it will revolutionize the industry with new or reformulated materials and constructions:

  • SNaturComb, a revolutionary honeycomb, zoned latex construction made of FSC certified 100 % natural rubber. It is created using a new unique process that uses neither the traditional and energy consuming Talalay or Dunlop processes. 

  • SMoreLife, The first of its type, a sort continuous spring made from renewable plastic polymers. A new and revolutionary concept; not a foam, not an innerspring nor a latex mattress!

  • Cool Evolution, Spaldin latest release in it's SClimatic line is an eye catching, multilayer, ergonomically designed mattress with thermally modified plant based memory foam. It looks like no other Spaldin mattress.

  • SIntelligent line - Spaldin will reintroduce iMatt, the 12 chamber intelligent air bed first shown last winter in Las Vegas Market. In its new and improved version iMatt features sleep monitoring, this function continuously checks the quality of sleep being achieved and automatically reconfigures the profile of the mattress until the quality of sleep is maximized.
“Spaldin has been designing and manufacturing adjustable beds for more than 30 years. At Spaldin we don’t rely on third party adjustable bed manufacturers. We build our own, in our own facilities permitting us to adopt our technology to all Spaldin products”, Valdemoros said. In Las Vegas, Spaldin will show a broad range of European style RTA motorized and fixed bed bases with flexible beech slats or upholstered with the same unique foams as Spaldin mattresses and pillows. The adjustable beds feature either Bluetooth or wired controls and many feature storage capabilities.

For more information visit Spaldin at Las Vegas World Market Center - C1568 or visit www.spaldin.com