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MLILY Launches New Website with Enhanced User Experience & More Sleep Resources

Furniture World News Desk on 12/8/2021

Mattress manufacturer MLILY USA has launched a new website with an enhanced user experience that includes an easy-to-navigate interface, quicker access to detailed product facts and more robust sleep-related information. Touting the slogan “With you Every Sleep of the Way,” the new site is reimagined to support its retail partners and inspire and educate consumers.


The new site, MLILYusa.com has a clever and slightly female tone and appeals to multiple target audiences who are placing priority on their sleep health. The website positions MLILY as a resource that offers an elevated level of sleep-related knowledge that helps make better sleep a habit. It also offers in-depth marketing support for retail sleep associates. The site features new imagery, MLILY’s signature line of mattresses and its full suite of sleep products including pillows, toppers, mattress protectors and adjustable bed bases. It offers expanded product details, a sleep quiz to help consumers find the best mattress for their sleep preferences, a store locator, real-time order tracking, a chat function, a robust blog and social media reviews.


“Helping to support our retail partners is the primary goal of the reimagined site. It also allows us to establish a direct relationship with our end users, which has become key to a mattress brand’s reputation,” said Stephen Chen, president, MLILY USA. “Buying a mattress is a big purchase and oftentimes there is a hesitation involved due to a lack of product knowledge. We know that consumers go online to conduct research and read reviews from other consumers, and that gives them the external validation they need to help them make an educated choice. To that end, the new site offers a plethora of content to inform them, including verified consumer reviews, a sleep blog filled with educational sleep tips and a mattress quiz that helps them make more intuitive purchasing decisions.”


Although consumers like the ease of ordering online, Chen says there are many that still like the in-person shopping experience. A hybrid-approach is also very popular. “If shoppers want to research online but purchase in-store we can help drive them to the nearest retailer with our store locator feature,” Chen added.


Other features of the site include FAQ’s and a partnership tab that highlight’s MLILY’s strategic global partnership with Manchester United, the leading sports brand and popular soccer team located in the United Kingdom. It also shines a light on MLILY’s philanthropic partnership with Special Spaces, a non-profit that helps children fighting cancer by giving them a dream bedroom makeover for a special place to heal and have a peaceful night sleep.




MLILY USA is the North American marketing arm of Healthcare Co., Ltd. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, the company’s mattresses, pillows and sleep accessories are all manufactured in state-of-the-art factories located in China, Thailand, Serbia, and several locations in the U.S., in facilities that span more than 7 million square feet. With products sold worldwide, MLILY also holds a unique global strategic partnership with Manchester United, the leading sports brand and popular soccer team located in the United Kingdom. As part of the partnership, MLILY provides the team’s training complex with mattresses and other sleep products. For more information, visit www.MLILYUSA.com.