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Jaipur Living Launches New Design Program, Manchaha

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Jaipur Living announced that its efforts to reduce waste while continuing to support its talented artisans led to the creation of the Manchaha program, which is now available to purchase.

Named for the Hindi word meaning “expression of love,” the Manchaha program is a direct answer to the question of how to reckon with thousands of pounds of yarn scraps. Not content to let them go to waste, Design Director Kavita Chaudhary of Jaipur Living’s India based counterpart, Jaipur Rugs, challenged some of the company’s most prolific artisans to create their own rug designs, with the only guideline being that they use leftover materials. Each handmade rug is the story of its creator—with more than 200,000 knots filled with emotions, dreams, and personality.

At Jaipur Living, we believe in the power of creative expression. Our rugs are a medium for our designers to bring their own creativity to life, and we empower our artisans to find freedom through creativity. Our Manchaha program is a testament to the power of creative freedom.” — Asha Chaudhary, CEO of Jaipur Living

The resulting collection includes award-winning designs and one-of-a-kind home accessories that reflect the personal stories of the artisans behind each rug. In this way, the Manchaha program is more than an opportunity to recycle scrap fabric—it is a testament to the power of creative expression.

The Manchaha collection is available online with limited availability at JaipurLiving.com

About Jaipur Living
Jaipur Living is a global lifestyle brand with a passion for people, product, and design. Known for its luxury rugs, poufs, pillows, and throws, Jaipur Living operates with a mission to create beautiful lives for its employees, customers, and artisans—all while preserving the age-old craftsmanship of handmade rugs. Through social initiatives and the Jaipur Rugs Foundation, the company supports more than 40,000 artisans in 600 villages across India by providing them with a livable wage, access to health care, leadership education, and opportunities for personal growth and development. Combining time-honored techniques and of-the-moment trends, every Jaipur Living product is as meaningful as it is beautiful.


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