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Apricity Announces New Virtual Showroom In Advance of ICFA Preview Market

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Apricity recently announced that they will be hosting a Virtual Showroom in advance of July’s ICFA Preview Market this year. Regardless of whether retailers plan to attend the Market, Apricity officials are strongly recommending both current and new retailers take advantage of the brand’s new online virtual showroom in advance of the show.  

“This innovative virtual technology will keep specialty retailers ahead of the curve in terms of what’s returning, what’s new, and what’s trending for 2022,” said Todd Wingrove, Vice President of Sales for Agio.  “We’re definitely encouraging retailers to ‘know before the show.’”  

According to Wingrove, the COVID pandemic created a ‘new normal’ for businesses across all industries part of which included embracing virtual technology.   “We made sizeable investment in our virtual showroom technology,” he said. “The video quality is the best available, the 365-degree perspectives completely immerse you and the ability to zoom in and out to see details is amazing.” 

Virtual showroom tours will be crucial to outdoor furniture retailing, especially since some people may still be reluctant to travel, Wingrove predicted.    Other factors include manufacturing challenges and shipping disruptions currently being felt throughout global trade.

“Frankly we don’t know what type of in-person traffic we expect when we arrive to Chicago for the preview show,” said Jim Kemp, Vice President of Product Development.  “We want our retailers to have already seen the 2022 new introductions by the time they arrive to our showroom in The Mart and be prepared to set their floor when they arrive.”  

While retailers have the option to view the showroom on their own, there’s much more to be gained by arranging a tour with their sales representative, according to Wingrove.  

“When accompanied by their rep, either virtually or in-person, retailers can ask questions as they are guided through the showroom,” Wingrove said.  “The rep knows the retailer’s order history, knows what they likes and what sells in their store.  They know the retailers customer base and can point out collections, color preferences or combinations that will work in their market.”

Buyers who tour virtually or experience the Merchandise Mart showroom in person, can get a jump on placing early orders, and lessen chances of inventory shortages or shipment troubles by ordering well before Chinese New Year, he explained.

Contact the Apricity sales representative for your area to discuss arranging a guided tour of the virtual showroom on the 16th floor of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. 



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